Cop an Attitude: Change Your Perspective and Better Your Life Dramatically


Stress affects many of us in a variety of different ways, and there is no question that we can all benefit from lowering our stress levels, which you might be able to do by finding a new perspective on life.

Hitting the bottle to solve your problems is a solution that is not recommended, especially if you want to avoid the prospect of drink drive offences, and there are some much more positive life-coping skills that you could learn in order to reduce your feelings of stress.

Your outlook on life

We all have our own unique personality traits and some of us seem to have a naturally sunnier disposition on life than others.

It has been said before that your outlook on life could be viewed as a direct reflection of how much you value and like your own self. If you find what could be classed as an inner-peace, there is every chance that your outlook on life will improve and this could help you to reduce your stress levels as well.

A patient attitude

Most of us get told that patience is a virtue at some point, normally when we are actually demonstrating an attitude that is almost the polar opposite.

If you can manage to cultivate a more patient attitude towards daily irritants, such as queuing and running late for work, among many other examples that you could easily find, there is real prospect that you will discover that a more patient attitude will help you to deal with and even solve some of life’s daily problems.

With patience, you can often see things for what they really are and view them with an air of detachment that will keep your blood pressure lower and reduce your stress levels.

See it from another angle

In just the same way that helping others with a good deed often feels good, making a conscious effort to embrace someone else’s point of view can be good for the soul and your stress levels.

There is nothing wrong with having a firm opinion about certain matters of course, and that is what makes you who you are, but when you take the chance to see an argument or a situation from a different angle to your own viewpoint, it can be quite liberating and help you to control your emotions a bit more easily.

Learning greater levels of acceptance

There are plenty of things going on in the world that we would like to change, but most of the time there is very little we can do about it to change the course of events.

There is simply a lot of negativity and craziness happening all around you on a daily basis and sometimes this can influence the way you are feeling and how you react to certain situations. If you have a stressful job for example, it can be hard to deal with on a daily basis and you might feel that there is not much that you can do to change things.

If you can’t change your job, try to adopt a more tolerant and greater level of acceptance, as this will often provide you with a greater sense of inner-peace, and allow you to not get so stressed when the next deadline looms.

If you can manage to change your perspective on life for the better, this will definitely help you to reduce your levels of stress and allow you to enjoy a calmer existence.

Madeleine Walters is a positive thinker who makes sure her glass is half full rather than half empty! She writes articles on positive thinking and motherhood.