Don’t Get Scammed: How To Be Sure Your Consumer Rights Are Respected


Buying online has become so popular so fast that the consumer world has changed out of all recognition in a couple of decades. People who you never would have considered tech-literate now use the web for all purchases. You can buy anything from bedding to batteries, from cheese to chiffon. And it has changed the way many of us live.

Once upon a time, the idea of online shopping would have seemed shady to a lot of people. If you go into a store and buy an item, you can leave with it that same day. If you need to wait for delivery, and it doesn’t materialize, you know where they are. Shopping online does require you to take a more trusting attitude. Usually, it pays off. But sometimes you can still get stiffed.

Which is where this article tells you that it’s OK, you can always get justice, right? Well, not quite. Sometimes, it is possible for scammers to disappear into thin air with your money. The good news is, if you’re aware of how to avoid this, it need never happen.

Research Your Purchase

When you’re going to be spending a lot of money on something, you want to make sure you’re getting the right thing. The most important part of this is researching the item first.

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For argument’s sake, let’s say it’s a juicer. You may have seen a specific one and be sure you want that. But before you type in any details, read consumers choice reviews to see if it is the best choice. It’s always best if you can make the process simpler by getting the right thing first time.

Comparison Shopping

Unless you’re buying a very specific thing direct from a manufacturer, there will usually be a range of sources to choose from. So there is a better than even chance that it will be cheaper in some places. This is a good guideline in terms of choosing retailer, but bear with it for a moment.

Check out those retailers for their customer service reputation. Will the product arrive intact? If it does not, how assiduous are they about replacing, refunding and resolving a complaint? Some companies are so stubborn about only replacing things under very specific circumstances. In some cases, customers end up dropping it because they can’t face the hassle.

Buying From An Auction Site? Use A Credit Card.

As well as auction sites, the same applies to exclusively online stores. If there is no way you can handle the item before purchase, take every precaution going. Some sellers will refuse to respond to complaints, or delay responding until you go away. If they’ve already got your money, and have not strictly breached any terms and conditions, there is little you can do.

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However, if you have paid by credit card, you can request a chargeback from your issuer. Technically, they have paid for the item, and they are empowered to take the money back. If the seller wants payment for the item, then it’s up to them to deal with your complaint first. If they still don’t bother, you haven’t lost anything in terms of money.

Take every step to ensure that you get the best deal, and are dealt with in an above-board manner by retailers. If you do this, you’ll never need to worry about getting scammed again.