Event Planning Simplified: Free Android Apps for Highly-Organized People


Event planning requires great attention to details and organization. There are so many things to consider — the guest list, the venue, the food — that even a small lapse in record keeping or timing can end up in disaster.

Even the professionals have trouble sometimes keeping up with all of the things to do, so how could anyone expect you to do a perfect job without any help? Fortunately, there are plenty of applications that are compatible with all of your Android devices that can make planning and event a breeze. Here are a couple that will save you time and costly mistakes.

Stay Organized

Without a cohesive plan and some great organizational skills, your event may be dead in the water, especially if it’s a large one. An application called Bizzabo can help you stay organized and get the job done.

Bizzabo lets you manage nearly all aspects of your planning in one easy-to-use app. You can send email, manage your contacts, create a website to announce and follow your event and even use registration software to keep track of your guest list. If your event has a registration fee, you can collect payments through the app as well.

All of this takes place in real-time and the layout is customizable to match your personality and event. Guests can also check in through social media sites and share photos and updates.

Look Ahead

Bad weather can wreak havoc on some events, especially those that will be held outdoors. Weather Live Free, a detailed weather app, can help you keep an eye out for inclement weather days in advance so you can make any necessary adjustments before it’s too late.

This weather app displays an image of the current conditions as wallpaper — blue skies for clear days, angry clouds for thunderstorms, etc. — and has an overlay that displays important statistics like temperature, humidity and precipitation. It also features a seven-day forecast, so you can check ahead to see if your plans need to change.

You can also set alerts for certain weather conditions so you will know immediately when there is trouble lurking.

Share Your Plans

The one constant that every event has is that people will be in attendance, so why not share what you can with your guests beforehand?

With an app like Evernote, you can share all the information you want with your guests on their mobile devices. Evernote stores photos, notes, articles clipped from the web and more with anyone you choose. The app has a simple layout that makes sharing easy. You can create folders to share with certain people, or allow everyone access to all of your files through Evernote, so you have complete control over sharing.

There is unlimited storage available in the free version, so you can save all of the information you want and never have to worry about losing any of it.

Take event planning into your own hands and use these free Android apps to help you get organized like a pro and save valuable time.

This is a guest article contributed by Charlotte Cook. Charlotte works as an events co-ordinator and has to be organized and ready to jump to plan B at a moment’s notice. She shares some tips on keeping organized and getting things done.