Everything Old is New Again – The Lava Lamp


I’m not sure that the  Lava Lamp every went out of style.  So fun, so funky…so fabulous!

So who reading this had a lava lamp back in the 1970’s?  Raise your hands!  And what about in the 90’s and 90’s?  This have been around for quite some time and I just got some fantastic ones from Lava The Original that launched back in 1965! Wow – that’s real testament to their popularity and outstanding quality!

Lava Lamp - The Original

These lava lamps are cool beyond belief! So many sizes to choose from.  10 inch minis to a whopping 27 inches.My son is a Halloween fanatic.  If he had his way, our house would be decorated for Halloween ALL YEAR LONG (and he’s 30!).  This was a HUGE hit with him and he is  LOVING it.

Lava Lamp - The Original

This SPOOKY Lava Lamp with sound is NOW AVAILABLE!

At Lava Lamp, they buyers can find more than just simple lava lamps…on no, you just have to check them out!

  • Lava Lamps
  • Glitter Lamps
  • Party Lights
  • Lava Aquariums
  • Electorplasma
  • Vortex

About Lava Lamp – The Original

Lava. Its everchanging patterns are hypnotizing, yet invigorating. It is an art form. Classic and at the same time progressive. Pre-historic and post-modern.
On my desk, I’ve got a Classic Lava Lamp.  I really do love the look, and in the evening, it’s so relaxing to watch.  It gives off a lovely glow.
Lava Lamp - The Original

If you are looking for something really fun – check out these lava string lights.

Lava Lamp - The Original

Lava Lamp - The Original

These adorable Start String Lights ARE NOW AVAILABLE!

The have other specialty lights: Mini Mirror Balls, Disco Red & Blue Beacon and Strobes.Great for parties and dorm rooms.

Check out Lava today…perfect for holidays and holiday shopping!

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