Your Funny Furry Friend: Keeping Your Pet Mouse Healthy and Happy


Keeping pet mice can be a lot of fun and even therapeutic, but you always want to make sure that your furry friend is enjoying the experience just as much.

Understanding what your pets needs to be comfortable from using the right animal feeding needles to what to feed them, are all things that can help keep your pocket-sized pet happy and allow them to enjoy a happy life.

Getting started

Mice can provide you with great companionship and as much as they will probably enjoy your company, they will also fare better if you provide them with some companions of their own as well, if they are female.

It is important to remember that male mice need to be kept on their own, or you could find that they end up fighting a rival in an attempt to achieve supremacy. If you have not kept mice before, it is often a better idea to start with a couple of female mice, so that you and the mice are comfortable and happy with their surroundings.

Equipment needed

In order for your mice to be healthy and safe you will need to ensure that you have the right equipment and facilities to be able to look after them properly.

A good-sized enclosure with food dishes and a drip bottle are needed, along with some suitable bedding and an exercise wheel, some toys to amuse them and a layout that gives them a place to hide away when they want to.

A good mouse cage will normally have a plastic base that rises to about 5cm’s in height at the sides and some strong wire walls with spacing that is no further apart than one centimeter, or you might find they escape.

You can use shredded paper that is without any ink on it, for bedding. All you need to do is fill the bottom of the cage to a depth of a couple of centimeters and add in a few pieces of paper towel which they can use to make a nest with, and they will be happy in their new environment.

Plenty of exercise

Exercise wheels are universally popular with mice and having one keeps them occupied and allows them to stay in shape.

Make sure you buy a big enough wheel, so that they can run around it without needing to bend their back. A plastic wheel is recommended and you should not be tempted to buy a wire exercise wheel, as they can easily get their feet and tails caught between the wires.

Your mouse will easily be entertained with just an empty cardboard roll or you can get them some suitable toys if you want, all of which will normally manage to keep them amused for many hours.

Food and water

Always make sure that your mouse has access to a regular supply of clean water. Using a feeding bottle will help you to do this and often works better than a bowl of water, which could get spilled.

Good quality hamster food is often a good bet for a mouse, unless you can find a trusted mouse food that contains the appropriate nutrition.

Keeping your pet mouse healthy and happy will soon ensure that they quickly become your furry friend.

Mark Anderson is a rodent lover! He had pet mice as a child and never looked back, now having rats as well as mice as pets. He thinks they make lovely pets, and shares his knowledge in looking after them online.