Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Brand-New Computer?


Technology is constantly advancing, and that desktop or laptop that you bought a few years ago is probably no longer relevant, right? It can’t even keep up with the latest software releases anymore, so it’s time to update. The technologically-minded will spend hours seeking out the perfect specs for their new purchase. The rest of us will simply buy something that appears to handle most tasks well. But, you’re getting a heck of a lot for your money here, so it’s worth getting the most out of it.

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Here are a few things that you might not know your brand-new computer can do.

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Virtual Machines

Let me put a scenario in your head. You come to use a piece of software that you used to use religiously on Windows XP. But now, you’re running Windows 10, and that software is no longer compatible. You play around with as many settings as you can, but it’s no good. That software isn’t going to run. This is where virtual machines come in useful. You can run a virtual desktop inside a window that acts as if you’ve got two operating systems running at once! This requires a lot of PC power, but hopefully, your new, fancy machine can handle it.

High-End Gaming

There’s a reason why seasoned gamers refer to a term called the “PC master race.” They are saying that because they believe that the PC is the best way to play games when compared to a console. With the right specifications, PC’s possess greater graphical power and modding abilities. Have you just dropped $1000 on an ultra-powerful PC? If you want to get the most out of it, there are plenty of PC gaming guides to help you find what you need.

Image & Video Editing

If you’re the type of person that has been considering setting up their own YouTube page, now’s the time to get started. To be able to edit video and images on a grand scale requires a lot of CPU and RAM. Hopefully, your new machine is packed with power to allow you to do this. If you’re in doubt, check the specification requirements of any software packages you intend to download.

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Watch 4K Video

First, there was HD. Now, there’s 4K. What does this ‘4K’ thing mean, exactly?! It’s being referred to as ‘Ultra HD’, and it’s simply a way of getting the best picture quality possible. However, you’ll need a system that can play it back with ease, for starters. Then, you’ll need a monitor which can handle 4K resolutions. You might have already got one with your PC, or it might be built into your laptop. It’s worth checking out.


Let’s not forget this final point! The more powerful your computer; the more you can multitask. Want to open 20 Word documents at once? You can do that. Want to watch a live hockey game while playing No Man’s Sky on another monitor? You can do that. These days, modern computers offer all sorts of multitasking possibilities.