The Best Storage in Perth


When You Need Storage Solutions

There comes a time in everyone’s life when storage space is needed, it might be when moving house, or starting that new business, or perhaps somewhere to keep the boat in the winter. Whatever the reason, secure storage is necessary, and there are established companies that specialise in various types of storage space.

Small businesses

The Internet has spawned many small enterprises that supply products to the consumer, and as most are run from home, the entrepreneur requires secure storage facilities that can be accessed at any time. Perth Metro Storage offer secure storage at a reasonable cost, with a range of sizes from 5 – 50 square metres, either indoor or outdoor.  Many small businesses would be unable to rent warehouse space due to the excessive cost, yet with secure storage, the business can operate until such time as it is ready for its own permanent warehousing

Perth Metro Storage

Seasonal requirements

Some businesses have a busy period, perhaps Christmas or New Year, and during this time they require more storage space, and by talking to the experts, a temporary unit can be arranged at a reasonable cost. Sometimes a company will purchase a large order, due to a significant discount, and would need somewhere to store the goods until the sale can be arranged, so secure storage units are ideal, as they can be leased short-term.

Moving house

A stressful time for anyone, moving doesn’t usually go off as smoothly as one would like, so it is wise to rent some storage space to keep those things that one doesn’t yet know what to do with. One could always accumulate enough items, and spend a few days at a car boot sale.

The ideal company

Perth Metro Storage is an established operator with a range of storage facilities to suit every occasion, so if one needs storage in Perth, a simple online search will reveal their location, and the friendly staff will be more than happy to assist.

Perth Metro Storage

Office relocation

The ideal time to rent a secure lock-up, when there is so much furniture and equipment to relocate, and the extra space can be used indefinitely, to keep additional stock, or unused furniture. Many businesses have a permanent storage facility, as it is used for many reasons, and with round the clock surveillance, all is safe and secure, and ready anytime one should need it.

Boats and cars

Perth Metro Storage has a large facility, some of which is dedicated to boats and vehicles. With a choice of interior or exterior storage, the family boat has a home until next spring, when the family is ready for some cruising. Boats are designed to be in the water, and often get damaged when sitting on a trailer at the end of the road, so it makes sense to store the vessel in a safe location.

Perth Metro Storage

Hobbies and pastimes

Storage LogoSome people like to make cabinets, others build cars, whatever one’s passion, the chances are some storage space would be required, and at Perth Metro Storage, they have the solution for any storage requirement.