Gift Guide 2019: 10 Brilliant Ideas for the Service Member in Your Life

 Choosing the best gift for the service member in your life can be an overwhelming process since their needs can differ from those of civilians. Therefore, it’s imperative to have some ideas of what items you can purchase when it comes to gifting a member who is in the military. Here are ten gift ideas to think about:

  1. Challenge Coin

Since servicemen spend most of their time in deployment, it’s imperative to keep them motivated at all times. To achieve this, the administration can award them the challenge coins to represent their milestone achievements. In addition to that, challenge coins can represent a special event or an anniversary.

The good thing about challenge coins is that they can also be awarded by civilian groups. Therefore, if you are looking to award one of your family member who is in the military, you may consider gifting them the challenge coin to represent their dedication and hard work in protecting the country.  Challenge coins, therefore, can be used for different purposes.

You can discover more on the challenge coins by going through various website online.

  1. Emergency Medical Kit

When it comes to military service, there’s no doubt that an emergency kit is indispensable given its usefulness. Even when your loved one hasn’t been deployed yet, chances are they’ll still need to do their exercises, go for their regular outdoor activities, or do something to keep them physically fit. For that reason, a medical kit is quite useful for the service member in your life, irrespective of where they are. Look for a light kit with the basic supplies that can come in handy during an emergency.

  1. A Military’s Favorite Whiskey

Generally, Jack Daniel’s is the whiskey brand that most military man adores, so gifting them a bottle of their favorite whiskey would be a wonderful gesture for the service member in your life.  The military is known to acquire a single barrel of this whiskey brands that contain about 250 bottles. Therefore, while you may not be in a position to afford all these bottles, it would certainly be an excellent surprise to award them some few bottles of this fine whiskey. They are most likely going to love your wonderful surprise.

  1. Wood Lighter Case

There are many situations where a lighter comes in handy, particularly for the military personnel. Lighters are highly significant and are always with them when they are out in the fields. Therefore, if you are thinking of gifting your military service member, you can consider getting them a wooden lighter case. You may also engrave their initials on the case to make it more personalized and special. And since this is just the case, it means it will be easier for them to replace the lighter and keep the case with them at all times.

  1. Military Coffee Mug

A customized military coffee mug can be an excellent gift for a service person. Mugs are among the items that come in handy at all times. Given the fact that every adult consumes coffee, it is no surprise that a personalized mug would be an excellent idea as it could work for any occasion. There is a myriad of designs and options to pick from, and most of them can easily be personalized to in accordance with the attribute of the receiver. Although you can find different coffee mugs online, you need to remember that personalization is key to creating something unique and special for the service member in your life.

  1. Swiss Army Knife

A personalized Swiss Army Knife is also an excellent gift idea for your loved one in the military. These items always come in handy when they are out in the field or when they carry out their usual outdoor activities to keep fit.  If you are planning to get one for your son, for instance, you can engrave his name on it. One great advantage of the army knife is that they are compact and portable as they can easily fit into the side pockets.

  1. Military Boots

Anyone can tell how significant boots are to soldiers. Most boots such as the Garmont Tactical T8, are designed to be rugged footwear. The good thing about the boots is that they are designed to offer ankle and foot stability, helping to cushion the knees. Apart from that, military boots gave sole and padding that help in maintaining comfort in any given environment. With that in mind, gifting your loved one in the army a pair of military boots will send a clear message that you really value what they do.

  1. Dog Tag Necklace

When the service member is away from home, it’s usually nice to get them something that will remind them of what they leave behind. A dog tag necklace would be an excellent present for any service member in deployment or those who spend so much of their time away from home in training. A tag necklace is easy to put on and is also something that can be carried around due to its lightweight.

  1. Filtration Water Bottle

During deployment, clean water can be difficult to come by. For that reason, a filtration water bottle would be an important item to gift your loved one in the military. The good thing about a bottle filter is that it’s easy to carry and quite effective in filtering water for consumption.

  1. Tactical Flashlight

A tactical flashlight is a very important tool in military service. A service member can use the flashlight to open their locker at night or read at night when in bed. Additionally, a tactical flashlight can help them with their movement during the night, especially when they are camping in the wilderness. Therefore, this is an excellent gift for your loved one in the service as they can use it for a myriad of an application when in the field.

Final Words

The above items are some of the best gift ideas to think about when you are looking to surprise the service member in your life. Personalizing some of these items will help you to create unique gifts that meet the needs of your loved ones in the military.

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