Home: Creative Ways To Declutter Your House Fast


When it comes to space, you need as much of it as possible. But, when your home is full of clutter, space is at a premium. The obvious answer is to clear away as much clutter as you can, yet most homeowners don’t seem capable of hitting this target. Why can’t they clear the house of clutter? Some are hoarders and cannot bring themselves to throw anything in the trash. But, mostly, they don’t know how. If you are in the latter category, it is about time you figured out how to declutter your home and fast. After all, these tips could be the difference between living in a cramped house or a spacious home.

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Tidy For 5 Minutes Every Day

The key to keeping clutter at an all-time low is to keep on top of it every day. Although that may sound like a lot of effort, it only takes 5-10 minutes in reality. Within 5-10 minutes you can easily get rid of all the unnecessary items that take up space in your home. It is important to note that being proactive is essential as that is when you are on top of the clutter. And, when you are on top of a situation, it cannot escalate out of all proportion.

Change Your Attitude

There are people that just cannot throw anything away. Hopefully, you are not one of these people as it will make your life a lot harder. But, if you are then you are going to have to change your perception of clutter. In basic terms, clutter is anything that you don’t need that doesn’t have a functional purpose. And, if it takes up a lot of space, the better! By simply being ruthless when it comes to your possessions, you can find acres of space in no time.

Store It Away

A great way to keep all the junk you don’t want to throw away is to find a storage solution. That way, you can move it from your home and create space, but you can hang onto it forever. If you have a basement, attic or a garage, use them because they are readymade storage solutions. For those of you that don’t have any of the above, you can hire storage space. The good people at Space Maker try their hardest to find a solution that fits your needs perfectly. So, whether you are looking for lots of room or something more cost-effective, they should have the answer.

Mix Storage With Style

Storage and style are not two words that you may see together all that often. That is because, by most people’s definition, they are antonyms of one another. In fact, they are not complete opposites as they can fit together. Indeed, they can go together quite well if you know a few tricks of the trade. For example, coffee table trunks are a great source of storage because they are deep and hollow when they are open. But, when they are shut they look like a coffee table that most people would have in their living rooms. Anything that doesn’t look out of place and adds extra practicality is another example, so get creative.

Put Everything In Its Place

To begin with, you need to allocate everything in your house a place to live. And, it doesn’t matter how insignificant it may look because the smallest details can make the biggest difference. Once you have your list, it is time to go around and make sure everything is home. If you spot an item that isn’t in its rightful place, you should put it back where it belongs. When everything is in the right place your home will seem a lot less cluttered, and it will look bigger. It is that simple!

Give Away Items

The main problem with the tips about clearing clutter is that it is hard to find someone who will take them. After all, if they are junk to you they are bound to be junk to someone else, right? Not necessarily because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And, if you are giving them away for free, you will have plenty of suitors. Everyone loves a freebie, so most people will snap your hand off to take your ‘junk.’ Start by asking your friends and family whether they are interested and take it from there. In the end, you can advertise them on eBay and start a bidding war.

With these tips at your disposal, there is no need to live in a cramped house any longer.