Makeover A Multipurpose Spare Room


Unless you happen to inhabit a many-roomed mansion you might find that space, like a budget, is something of a premium. Many homes, however, do have ‘that’ room. It often lies at the rear of a house, sometimes described as the spare room, at other times it is the back bedroom or the box room. The list goes on, but the exact purpose of this room is unclear. In worst case scenarios we just fill it with leftover bits and pieces and shut the door, hoping for the best.

Why not get your Spring into step and makeover the mystery room? Give it a sense of identity and it could just come back to life as a home office, a cosy nook for retreating to or even a very modern bedroom. Then again it could just be all three! Here are a few thoughts to get you started.

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Back to basics

There is nothing else for it; this room must be emptied. Entirely. So roll up your sleeves and get stuck into whatever has accumulated there. Box it up and cart it out. Out it all comes, until you’re left with the bare bones of the room.

To decorate or not?

Unloved spaces often get the short straw when it comes to decorating. Have a think about your final approach. If you are heading towards a multi functional space, then a neutral color scheme is going to work best. What is the state of the walls? If they are a bit tired and shabby, they might need a bit of a patch up before you paint. You could consult a painting and decorating service or indulge in a spot of DIY. If you are stripping off wallpaper, you might be in for a bit more work. You won’t really be able to tell until everything is stripped back and rubbed down. Use sugar soap on every surface. Fill small holes and cracks with Polyfilla. Rub down with a light sand and paint your first coat. Start with the ceiling and work your way down.

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Furnishings and fittings.

If you are changing the flooring, then you’ll need to invest in some carpet or have a think about revitalizing the floor boards. Installing a laminate hardwood floor is a smart and inexpensive option. A good rug can be very effective. Old Pendant lights are a bit sad these days. It’s very easy to replace with a light fitting that is more modern and throws better light. A desk lamp might be enough to provide more ambient light in a smaller room.


Installing the right bed will make all the difference. Have a look at this list of beds that could be at home in any room. You’ll get some inspiration that will enable you to make modern choices. For instance, a bed could double as a recliner or even an office couch.

A small desk, which is often all you need for a laptop, could also be a bedside table so to speak. If the design is good and the color fresh and light you could easily have the multi-purpose room that will suit all your needs. It will an inviting space as well as a cozy retreat.