How Technology Benefits Senior Citizens Living at Home

Today, more senior citizens are making the decision to stay in their own homes instead of moving to a residential facility for care. Whether seniors need assistance on a daily basis or just a couple of times a week, technology can help them remain at home. A piece of technology as simple as a cellphone can help seniors stay in contact with family, friends and healthcare professionals so they can have their needs met. Take a look at some of ways that this kind of technology can benefit a senior who wants to continue living at home.


Help in an Emergency

A senior who is at home alone for long periods of time may encounter a situation where he or she needs to contact emergency services for some assistance. For instance, a senior who falls and sustains an injury needs to contact emergency services right away. Using the latest technology a senior can call for assistance and get the help he or she needs. Medical alert is one example of technology that can help a senior in need of immediate assistance from medical professionals. Also, using a cellphone, a senior can call the electric company if the power goes out or call a plumber if there is a problem with a pipe in the home. A senior doesn’t have to feel alone even though the person lives by him or herself.


Peace of Mind for a Senior

Seniors who want to live in their homes may have regular visitors or perhaps hire a caretaker to come in a couple times a week. During the other periods of time, the senior may be alone with the exception of an occasional visiting friend. Having a cellphone or a similar device can give the senior peace of mind when he or she is at home alone. In short, if there is a problem or a medical emergency, the senior has a way to contact people who can help. Seniors who are nervous about being home by themselves may be able to relax knowing that they can pick up the cellphone and talk to anyone in a matter of seconds.


Peace of Mind for an Adult Child

There are many adult children with parents who live faraway in another state. Some children who move away from home to go to college or pursue a job, don’t return to their home state. Or, they may get married and start a life elsewhere. These individuals often have great concern for the safety and well-being of their parents. Understandably, they want to know that if their parents have a medical issue or suffer a fall that they’ll receive care right away. An adult child has peace of mind knowing that his or her parents have a way to contact help if needed. Also, adult children use cellphones, email and other technology to keep in daily contact with their parents. They want to make sure that their parents are taking their medication, eating the right foods and receiving the proper care from hired caregivers.

Finally, technology can be a blessing for seniors who feel more comfortable and at ease staying in the home they are familiar with. They can live where they want to while having their needs met.

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