How to Choose Pool Fencing in Brisbane


A lovely home pool in which to take a dip on hot days is a dream for many. But having a pool requires thoughts about the safety of your family and friends — drowning is a leading cause of death for children under five around the world.

The safety of your pool area cannot be an afterthought.

Pool fencing for Brisbane pools area is an absolute necessity. That doesn’t mean it has to be an eye sore. It is possible to install a fence that both looks good and adds protection. Here are the best types of pool fencing. They all rate highly for protection, so the one you choose will depend on the look you want and your budget.

  1. Good Neighbour Fencing
    These types of fences use steel fence panels placed between fence posts; the panels come in a range of sizes to meet your needs. They have a track top and bottom that negates the need for fence rails running across the middle. What is nice about them is that the pool fencing looks the same on both sides, which will please your neighbor. You can also add a UV protected screen extension on the top for added style and privacy. Good Neighbour pool fencing for Brisbane homes caters for sloping land by using a stepping construction method that keeps the top panel level while the rest taper along.
  2. Wooden Paling Fencing
    This type of pool fencing consists of pickets, or pales, nailed to horizontal stringers between upright posts. The pales are placed at close, regular intervals and are interlaced with strong wire, or by nailing to horizontal timbers fixed to posts in the ground. This type of fencing adds a country charm to your pool area, and you can paint the pool fencing a colour of your choosing.


  1. Aluminum Pool Fencing
    Many people like the look of wrought iron, but the truth is it’s very difficult to maintain. A great alternative is aluminum fencing. The type of fencing costs less than traditional wrought iron, but it won’t rust and is generally very low maintenance. It also can adjust to the slope of your land. Aluminum fencing provides containment and security at an affordable price while still looking nice.


  1. Slat Fencing
    The most common use for slat fencing is as a privacy screen, although it will also provide the containment and safety you want in your pool fence. Unlike a panel fence, you can choose vertical or horizontal slats. You have some choice, too, in how close the slats are. This allows some individuality and style in pool fencing.

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