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Unfortunately the world isn’t always kind, and safety is a precaution that is in ones family’s best interest.  But, security systems can be down right expensive.  This means that many households are not financially able to have a security system in place. Security units, cost of installation and home monitoring can be far more than most can afford.  Thanks to Reolink, more and more homes and businesses can be protected, at a fraction of the price of other security systems.


Even more impressive, is the convenience of the Reolink Keen.  This small unit can be placed virtually anywhere inside the home, because it’s 100% wireless.  Do to the fact that it’s battery powered, there is no need for a nearby outlet.  Keep it in one spot, or move it from room to room.


Reolink Features:

  • 100% wire-free battery-powered WiFi security camera
  • 1080p Full HD
  • Pan-Tilt
  • night vision
  • two-way audio
  • PIR motion sensor

Using CR123A standard lithium batteries, the Reolink Keen can provide up to 180 days – long standby time.  This means that the power-saving technology removes than need for frequent changes of batteries,k thus maximizing convenience and minimizing costs.


PIR Motion Sensor Smart & Accurate Alerts

Smart is the key word. The PIR mothing sensor can detect any human movement within 26 feet. External PIR sensor is sensitive to radiating infrared energy, so is detects people and warm blooded pets, rather than the motions of things such as trees swaying,  or flags flapping in the wind. Alerts are real-time with fewer “false alarms”.

  1. Get Email alerts containing motion snapshots.
  2. Voice alert alarms when motion is detected.
  3. App push notification for iPhone and Android.
  4. Optional SD Card, home owner are able to record and save motion videos.

Picture is Crystal Clear up to 1080p HD images.  Just take a look!



For outdoor use, the new Argus is the 100% wireless 1080p weatherproof indoor/outdoor FULL HD smart security camera. It has with two-way audio, built-in PIR motion sensor, IP65 weatherproof, 1080p Full HD & night vision.



Most noteworthy, not only can home owners hear what is going on both inside and outside their home, but they can talk to whoever is home (2 legged or 4 legged). The built-in microphone and speaker, therefore, is great for keeping in touch with elderly parents, babysitter, AND pets! Same crisp images and long lasting battery life as the Keen.


Day or night, Reolink has all the needed security products for home and business.

18 thoughts on “Reolink: Home & Business Security

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  3. Technology is really taking homes to the next level with these. I would love to have 24 surveillance of my home on my phone. I love how the camera comes out in this much clarity!

  4. We have a system as well that we really like – especially being able to tune in anytime from our phones. I definitely would agree that having a home and business security system is beyond important. I’ll have to look into Reolink when it comes time for us to move. Thanks for the review.

  5. I love how far home security has come over the years since I had ADT back in the 90s. Being able to see your home, no matter where you are is a wonderful option. Especially if you’re on vacation and need to contact someone to check something at home.

  6. Wow Reolink has some awesome systems. I really need to look into a few of these for my home and my older kids homes. I like that they have speakers and microphones.

  7. This looks like a wonderful security system .. with all of the bases covered. While we already live in a building with a lot of added security .. I could still see us considering something like it. We have six pets and it would be nice to keep tabs on them while we’re away. It even might solve the question of who keep knocking over the kitty treat bowl. Nobody’s fessed up yet!

  8. Wow! This camera gets a wide range of a room and the photos look crystal clear. I love that this is wireless and operates on batteries. With wires, it seems like it’s limited and I would love to be able to move this anywhere in the room. This seems like an awesome IP camera!

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