How To Keep Your Cat Entertained


Is your cat tugging at your jeans? Are they sitting at your feet, meowing up a storm and looking at you with those big, adorable eyes? Your cat is just like any other living thing. They want to be loved and have fun! So what can you do to keep your cute kitty entertained? There are many things that you can do around the home to keep your kitten happy. Here are some easy ways to entertain your cat.

Make Your Kitty King Or Queen Of The Castle With A Box Fort

Do you have $10 to spare? Then you have enough to make your cat a home made epic box fort. Go out to the store and buy some cheap cardboard boxes, some good packing tape, and an X-acto knife. When you get home, put the boxes together and seal them up with the packing tape. The next part is where things get fun! Get a pencil and start drawing fun designs on the boxes. On some faces, put small, little holes, and on other, make big entrances that your cat can fit into. Be creative and go wild! After you have everything drawn out, use your X-acto knife to carefully cut away the holes and opening.

Place the boxes together and shown your kitty what you made. They are sure to be entertained with the new play area. Cats love having places to hide, and if you use a toy, you can have them go crazy trying to catch it in the fort.

Litter Your House With The Best Toys

Your cat wants to have things to play with. They want to chase and they want to have fun. Since they are living in your home, it is your job to provide them with entertaining toys. There are quite a few to choose from that will keep your kitty going wild. Do you want to keep your home relatively free of toys but still want your cats to be happy? Try out some automatic laser pointers. Automatic laser pointers can be turned on with movement, and they will throw around a red laser for your cat to play and chase. There are also feather toys that you can attach to the wall. Cats love to swat at things that will bounce back at them.

If you have home security systems or security systems in Austin, then you may have the power to keep yourself entertained when you are away from your cats. Have you always wanted to know what your cats were doing while you were away? Wouldn’t you love to see their antics in the box fort you built while you are at work? Many security companies can install cameras into your home, and you can access feeds right from your smart phone. Imagine being able to to never miss a moment. If you ever find yourself in a boring situation away from home, you can just pull up the live feeds of your playful kitties. Keep your cats entertains, and they will help you stay entertained too!


About the Author: Andrea is a writer, blogger, and artist. Check out her blogs to read up on all things pets, family, and the home.