How To Keep Your Dog Happy While You Are Away


Most people can’t be at home 24/7. They have jobs that require them to be gone for 8+ hours a day. Then there are other activities like shopping, going out with friends, and even just being stuck in traffic. Humans are busy creatures, and often times our dog friends get left at home by themselves. Not everyone can be there at all times for their dogs, but it is important to do the most to keep your dog happy while you are away.

Inside or Outside?

If you do not have a dog door in your home, you have to make a decision on if your dog is going to stay in the house or outside in the backyard. Keeping your dog inside the home guarantees that they will be protected by the elements and cannot escape. Keeping your dog outside may keep them more entertained, but can be less fun when it is really hot outside. If you leave your dog outside when there is extreme weather, always make sure your dog has shelter, food, and water. How would you like to stay in the blazing sun on a hot July day with no shade? Buy your dog a shelter so they can get away from the heat. This can also help them in winter if you line the dog house in blankets to help keep them warm.

Keep Your Dog Entertained

It is always good to keep your dog entertained if they are inside or out, but it is most important when your valuables are involved. Keeping your dog inside gives the risk of letting your dog chew on your couch or rip out the carpet. This won’t be as much as a problem if you keep your dog entertained and exercised. Before you leave for a big day away, spend some time getting your dog to expel some energy. Play fetch or go on a run.

While your dog is inside, give them something to do! A toy you should consider is one that motivates them with food. There are a wide selection of toys that allow you to stick a treat inside them. Then, your dog has to figure out how to get the treat out. Many dogs are highly motivated by the possibility of a tasty treat. You can have a few of these toys scattered around the house, and depending on the dog, it can keep them entertained for hours!

One problem with keep your dog inside can be because of security systems. If you have an Austin alarm in your home, you may think that you cannot keep your dog inside if you want a motion detector. Technology these days have advanced quite a bit. Many modern day motion detectors allow for pets up to 90 pounds to stay inside. This can mean great things for your dog. Your playful pooch can stay inside on that hot summer day and stay cool. You can safety and make sure that your dog is happy and healthy within the home.


About the Author: Andrea is a writer, blogger, and artist. Check out her blogs to read up on all things pets, family, and the home.