Is It Possible To Heal Yourself?


Every one of us gets ill from time to time, some people in the short-term and some in the long-term. There are all kinds of medications and treatments out there for different illnesses, but is it possible to heal yourself? Some believe that it is!

Thinking Positive & Affirmations

This may sound strange, but some people believe that the mind is a powerful tool, and the reason many people fall ill is because they have been misusing it. Negative thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves repeatedly shape our lives. With positive thinking, changing your mindset, and choosing some effective affirmations, you could potentially heal yourself.

Many spiritual people out there say that the only reason somebody catches a cold, for example, is because they were ‘vibrating’ at a lower level than usual. This then attracts the illness. Our ‘vibrations’ are our energy, and we should attempt to keep them high where possible!

Exercise & Healthy Eating

Although the mind is powerful, you need to ensure you are working hard to stay active and treat your body right. Exercise will release endorphins and make you feel amazing, while healthy eating will nourish and support your body. Pay attention to how you feel after certain foods. Do you feel vibrant and energetic, or sluggish and tired? Of course you can have treats, but eating right around 80-90% of the time is the healthiest thing you can do.


Taking some time to yourself to meditate. Meditation not only has numerous benefits for the person doing it, but for the people around them. It can heal relationships, improve creativity, and help to work through past traumas. Keep it up for 5 minutes a day at first and slowly work your way up.

Whether you believe these things can work or not, you should try them. The following infographic can tell you about some of the most amazing clinical trials, so there’s hope whatever you’re going through!


Credit to The George Washington University