Hacking Your Immune System For A Rejuvenated You


Do you wonder why you’re always feeling under the weather? It might be a very simple solution, that your immune system isn’t working as well as it should be. Your immune system is like your own personal bodyguard, and it protects you from all manner of infections and bugs. If your immune system is weakened, you are leaving yourself open to all sorts of problems like allergies, viruses, and toxins weakening your body. There are some essential lifestyle changes that you may need to make, but there are also some useful hacks to kick your body’s defense system into action.

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Identify What Your Triggers Are

Do you find yourself feeling worse for wear after eating certain foods? Or do you live in a moldy home but don’t realize it? If you constantly feel rough or sluggish, the first place to look is where you spend most of your time. There has been a lot of press about toxic mold, and that so many people are living in a moldy house but don’t even know it! The first step is to remove the mold using professional air cleaners. You can look on a site like farnendermer.com for more information on getting it done. A lot of professional air cleaners work like air purifiers but on a much larger scale. So if you feel the benefits afterward, then it’s likely your home was full of mold.

Have A Stable Supply Of The Right Vitamins And Supplements

So many of us think that we’re healthy enough, we have a stable diet and take our medication, but we’re simply not having the right vitamins for our bodies. A big reason why people fall sick constantly is a lack of vitamin D. Having a good dose of vitamin D will help your body protect itself from infections. So get out in the sun a bit more, and take a high dose vitamin D3 supplement. The more you weigh, the more vitamin D you require. As well as vitamin D, take a supplement of probiotics. Probiotics are a healthy bacteria that supports the digestive system and can help to repair your immunity. You can also get a good dose of probiotics from making your own fermented foods like sauerkraut or kefir, but a supplement is a good way to make sure you’re getting an ample amount.     


The health benefits of exercising have long been touted, but having a workout three times a week will do wonders to improve your circulation, which helps to fortify the immune system, and will help get you into a better sleeping pattern. Sleep is a big way to rejuvenate the immune system, and so you need to make sure you’re getting an adequate amount, and make time to have a nap once in a while, your body will thank you! If you’re feeling brave, another thing to do after your exercise is to have a cold shower. The cold encourages your body to produce more white blood cells which will fight infections.