Medication: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


Let’s talk about medication. There’s no denying that it’s worked wonders. Small niggles that would have killed us less than 100 years ago can now be cured by a simple pill. Developments in medication also mean we can fight mental illness, and avoid unwanted pregnancy. If people of the past could see us, they would think we were living in a crazy age of miraculous science. In a lot of ways, we are. New developments and medications emerge every day and save more lives.

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But, there’s a dark side to this magical world. A lot of people might argue that our dependence on medication is a matter of concern. Instead of helping your health, taking too many pills could also be hindering it. Many would also argue that doctors prescribe instead of investigating. And, of course, you can’t deny that medication can sometimes seem like a plaster to cover a larger issue. A lot of the time, we would choose treatment instead.

There’s also a worrying increase in the amount of non-prescribed medications available. Many of us can’t make time to visit a surgery, and head to the internet instead. If we’ve had a prescription before, we may assume that it’ll be safe to order it from an online source. Of course, when it comes to your body, you can never be too careful. You should only ever take medication given to you by someone in the know. If you don’t have time to visit a doctor, head instead to somewhere like Sable Pharmacy. Buying from a reliable company which you know you can trust is the only way to ensure safety. It also helps for the person prescribing the medication to take a look at you. A pharmacist may not be a doctor, but they still have a pretty good idea about health.

We couldn’t talk about medication without also mentioning addiction. Many prescribed drugs are addictive. This is particularly the case with painkillers. It’s also another situation in which covering the problem can cause issues. It makes sense that we become reliant on painkillers. We don’t feel the pain when we’re on them, so we don’t know when it stops. As such, we continue to take them. Many individuals develop a fear of stopping, and that’s when the situation spirals out of control. The best way around the issue is only to take what you doctor gives you. Always visit the same pharmacist. The people there will come to know your face. They’re trained to spot signs of addiction and are sure to step in if they feel it’s necessary.

These points aside, it’s important we appreciate what we have. People are living longer than they have before, and most of that is down to medical advances. Medication is just one of the benefits that are responsible. If you use it in the right way, it has the power to save your life. All you need to do is look out for the darkness which comes with it!