Keeping Kids Safe Outside Your Four Walls

Kids are at their safest when they are at home, within our four walls. Not only can you easily keep an eye on them while at home, but you can also make some decor changes and adaptations to ensure every room in your house is suitable for children.

However, once your kids leave the safety of these four walls, you don’t have quite as much ability to keep them safe. But that shouldn’t cause you too many worries – as long as you follow all of this advice, you can ensure your kids’ safety while they are out and about.

Car Safety

Cars can be very dangerous places if your kids don’t follow some rules. For instance, you should always make sure that they buckle up, even if you are just driving a very short distance. It’s also necessary to make sure your kids know that they should be very calm when in the car, and need to remain seated. Otherwise, they could be a distraction for the driver, which could put everyone at risk.

Playing Outside

If your kids play outside in front of your house, they may be very close to a road. Ideally, you should never let your children play near a very busy road, but they should be fine if the road outside your house is a quiet one. Kids still need to understand that they should never run out into the road, no matter what happens. Even if their football goes into the road, they should go and tell an adult rather than trying to retrieve it themselves.

Illnesses And Allergies

It might be necessary to take some other precautions if your kids suffer from certain illnesses and allergies. First of all, make sure that your children never come into anything that could trigger an allergic reaction or bad episode while you are out. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible so you might want to take CPR classes or learn some first aid so that you are always prepared for anything that could happen. It’s also necessary to save emergency contacts in your phone. At the very least, save your doctor’s number and the contact numbers for your next of kin.

Stranger Danger

No matter how old your children are, it is always important to tell them about stranger danger, especially if they play at playgrounds without any adult supervision. You need to tell them that they should never talk to any strangers. If anyone who isn’t a parent approaches them while they are out, they should ignore them. Should they continue to be pestered by this individual, they need to come home straight away and tell you. If you aren’t at home, they should go to another responsible adult to tell them. This could be their friend’s parent or a close family friend or relative.

You don’t have to feel so helpless once your kids leave the safety of your own home. As you can see, there are so many ways you can keep them safe when they are out and about!

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  1. Water is also a danger to your child. If you have a swimming pool or access to reservoirs, you should be more attentive. Your children should definitely know how to behave in such places! A lot of children drown every year.

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