Krikawa Custom Engagement Rings


Krikawa is dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction in everything they do.  Even with custom design there is a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction; something unique in the manufacture of custom jewellery, custom engagement rings, wedding bands.

Every custom piece is an adventure in creativity and imagination from customers strengthened and embellished by our team of experts. Communication between our customers and our designers therefore is of critical importance to the successful completion of that special project.

There are three ways to complete the process:

The Easy Way:

Browse through the Krikawa design portfolio.  There you will find different designs and features you may want to make your own through your specific selection of metals and precious stones.  Gems can either be selected from the on-line listing, or, depending on your requirements, can be quoted for a special order. Next, price out your selections using the handy calculator on-line. Sometime later your dream design will be delivered in a wooden box made from sustainable wood in the USA.

Hybrid Ring:

Hybrid rings incorporate styles and features customers like best.  Select two or three styles to combine and our designers, with customer input, will create initial design sketches for customer approval. Once approved a rendering is created.  Once approved that special design comes to life!

New Design from Sketch/Image:

Personal sketches and images help our designers formalize design details for that special project. They take customer input, create even more design options for further consideration and, once approved, go to work on the finalized design.

The team of design experts at Krikawa ( has over one hundred years of combined experience.  They are world renowned for custom design and have received many prestigious awards.  Call or e-mal today to start your project on its way!