The Cinch Tummy Wrap is a Cinch to Use


Every New Mom Should Deserves a Cinch Tummy Wrap


Where was Cinch when I was pregnant.  Oh how I could have used these wraps when I was carrying and after I had my babies!

I have a daughter-in-law that is now 7 months pregnant with her 3rd baby.  She is starting to think about giving birth and her post birth body.  With her first two babies, not having any help from products like these, she didn’t bounce back to her pregnancy body for over a year. With this baby, and with the help of the Cinch Tummy Wrap, it looks like she will be able to squeeze into her pre-pregnancy jeans much sooner.

Cinch Tummy Wrap

Consumers can purchase Wraps with Cold/Warm Compress, or purchase separately. “Cold or warm compress insert for Atlas Band and Cinch Signature Tummy Wraps™. Add a little heat or cold to increase the effectiveness of your tummy wrap! Slips effortlessly into the built-in compress pocket on all Atlas and Cinch Signature tummy wraps. One Size Fits All.”

About Cinch Tummy Wrap

Cinch Tummy Wrap™ is a pioneer in bringing the traditional art and science of belly wrapping into a line of pregnancy and postpartum belly bands for today’s modern woman. Each tummy wrap offers the unique ability to fully adjust, and comes complete with a patented design of 360 degrees of even and controlled compression, offering multifunctional uses. Here at Cinch Tummy Wrap, we want to create products and offer services that transform how new moms think about their new bodies not just after baby, but also for a lifetime.

Here’s what she had to say about The Cinch Couture Tummy Wrap:

“This is a great product. It is well made and easy to adjust to just the right size needed.  I’m able to get it on and off by myself, which is a big plus. When looking after a newborn and having a busy schedule, ease of use is very important with any product… otherwise I know there is less of a chance of using it on a regular bases!

The many uses of the Cinch Wrap:

  • Week 1-4 after baby the wrap helps your hips and waist shrink
  • Week 3 – 6 months it helps with compression and toning
  • 7 months and beyond it can be used for back support

This makes the price well worth it!

Cinch Tummy Wrap

Moms who have had to have C Sections will really love the Cinch and Atlas Tummy Wraps.

What makes Cinch Tummy Wrap™ Cinch and Atlas Bands so unique post C Section?
  • 360 degrees of even and controlled compression (only ones on the market!)

  • Fully adjustable and breathable

  • Shaped to contour a woman’s curves

  • Allow new moms to control the tension needed for recovery and beyond

Head on over to Cinch Tummy Wraps and find out more about this much sought after brand!

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.