People Always Forget To Sort These When Moving Into A New Home


When you are moving into a new property, you are often rushed off your feet. After all, you are so busy packing everything to ensure the move goes smoothly. But it does mean you often forget to do a few things when you are preparing to move. Therefore, here are a few things people forget to sort when moving into a new home.


Forward your post

Unless you fancy the new residents of your old home reading all your post, you need to get it forwarded to your new address! That way, you won’t miss any important letters and bills which are sent to you! And you won’t annoy the homeowners of your old property when they have to keep sending back post meant for you! You can easily contact your local mail company and forward all letters to your new address. It’s a small charge that’s worth paying until you have contacted everyone about your new address.

Call a broadband supplier

You might not realize how long it can take to get broadband installed in your home. There may not be a line in the property which will enable you to get the internet. If that’s the case, you will have to wait for an engineer to come out to the property to get you online. And even if you have a line in the home, you will have to wait ages for a router to be sent out in the post. Therefore, get in touch with a provider a few weeks before you are meant to move. That way, you can set the wheels in motion so you will end up with the internet as soon as possible. And as you can read on this source, some companies do bundles so that you can get internet and television for a great deal.

Sort out home insurance

If a fire or flood occurs in your home, you need to be covered so that you don’t end up out of pocket. Therefore, it’s so important that you sort out home insurance just before you move. You might think you will sort it in a couple of weeks, but if something happens within a few weeks, your life could be left in tatters. Therefore, it’s so important to get internet set up in your property before you move in! You can read our previous blog which will help you to understand home insurance.

Stop recurring bills

Unless you fancy two lots of water bills, you need to stop the bills from your old house as soon as possible. Call them up a couple of weeks before you are planning to move to tell them you are leaving the property in due course. They can then update your account. so you are not charged after a particular date.

It’s also a must to let your bank know that you will be moving soon. They will need to change the address on your account so that you receive statements at the right house. If you have cards from different banks, make sure you ring them all to inform them about your plans!