Learn a New Skill: Six Amazing Ideas


In a recent post, we gave you tips on empowering yourself. One of the tips we gave you was learning a new skill. We’d like to talk more about this piece of advice!

Learning a new skill takes a lot of self-discipline. In most cases, it requires getting lessons from a professional. While it may seem like a steep hill to climb, it will be completely worth it in the end. It’s a boost to your self-esteem, and could even improve your health and job prospects.

We hope this list of ideas gives you the inspiration you need!

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Learn a New Language

It seems like this is always the first thing people suggest when talking about new skills! But there’s a good reason for this. Being able to speak more than one language is one of the most useful things in the world. Don’t listen to the naysayers that say there’s no point learning anything other than English.

It’s true that English is accepted as our current lingua franca. But languages such as French, Chinese, German and Russian are still found everywhere in the world. There are now loads of free online resources for learning languages, including https://en.duolingo.com/.

Benefits: Being able to speak another language make you more confident in travelling. It can also help deepen your understanding of how your own language works. And who isn’t impressed by the bilingual among us? It also looks great on a CV.

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Golf Training

How does one ‘learn’ to play golf? You just hit a ball with a golf club until it goes into a hole, right?

Golf is actually a deceptively complex sport. Knowing how to handle each kind of golf club is important. So is knowing how to play under certain weather conditions. Knowing how to play golf properly deepens your appreciation of it. And with golf being such a great sport for relaxing and socializing, we’d recommend giving it a shot.

Surely you’ve seen a pro golfer land a hole in one and wish you could do the same? Why not work towards it? Resources for learning and equipment can be found at www.atthetee.com/golf-training-programs.

Benefits: The health benefits of golf are very under-appreciated. It involves a lot of walking, improving cardiovascular fitness and helping with weight loss. It also helps you work on upper body strength. Golf is also known as an excellent source of stress relief!

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Creative Writing

Humans are creative. So many of us have wonderful ideas, but many don’t explore this potential. A lot of people I know have ideas for short stories or even novels. But actually putting pen to paper (or, these days, fingers to keyboard) is easier said than done.  

Turning your ideas into readable sentences is a fascinating process, but it requires practice and mental stamina. Consider a creative writing course or workshop! Online ones can be found at http://www.writerstudio.com.

Benefits: A creative outlet is one of life’s underrated features. Writing creatively deepen your appreciation of books you read. It will also help you sharpen your grammatical skills.

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Creating and Managing Websites

Potential employers love to see websites you’ve made. Websites are a great way to publish your thoughts and your works of art for others to see.

There are a few ways to approach this. You can use websites like WordPress to create your own blog for free, easily. But if you want to get in deeper and make something more impressive, you should consider web design or web development. Or both! Both involve learning how to code. There are a bunch of online courses you can take. For more information, check out https://alison.com/learn/web-development.

Benefits: Web design and development is one of the hottest career paths around right now. Salaries are pretty high, so it could be a smart move for your future! Knowing how websites, servers and code work will help you flex your logic muscles.

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Playing Guitar

Okay, so you could learn to play any instrument. But there’s something sexy about the guitar in particular, right? Another reason the guitar is a good instrument to learn is because so many people have guitars. If you have a friend who has a spare guitar, you may be able to borrow one from them. If you decide it’s not right for you, you can just hand it back. Not so easy with a piano or a drum kit!

There are two routes you can take when learning to play guitar. You could teach yourself using online courses and tabs. Many people have learned this way, but it’s not the most popular method. The best way is to hire a guitar tutor. A tutor will be able to make sure you’re playing correctly, which is something the Internet can’t do. Learn more about guitar tutors at www.tutorhunt.com/guitar-acoustic.asp.

Benefits: Think about it. You could finally be that person who starts playing an old guitar at parties. Everyone seems to like that person. Another plus is that it allows for a creative outlet. Combine it with singing lessons and see if you can make it as a musician. Why not? You only live once!

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We sincerely hope you don’t live in fear of attack every time you leave the house. But you never know, right? While the chances are incredibly low, there is always the possibility that someone may attempt to do you harm.

Even if you’re sure you’ll be okay in that department, self-defense is a great skill. It keeps you limber and alert. It’s a good way to meet new people, and makes for an excellent conversation starter. (That’s if people don’t start backing away when you say you know kung fu!).

There are a lot of types of self-defense classes out there. To work out which is best for you, visit http://listverse.com/2010/05/15/top-10-martial-arts-for-self-defense/.

Benefits: Many people find that being familiar with self-defense helps with their confidence a lot. It certainly doesn’t hurt to know a few moves if you’re planning on having a night out with a few drinks! Self-defense classes will also help you develop muscle tone. When is that ever a bad thing?