Connect your entire home with the D-link AC1900 Wi-Fi Router

d-link logod-link router 1For a while we went without a router.

Say what? Every home needs a router!

Well, we were a little foolish and thought that our computer’s built-in Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities would do the job. Needless to say, we were wrong.

Every modern home needs a real router. A good router a router that could be relied on. The D-link AC1900 Wi-Fi Router did the job.

Before we had the D-link AC1900 Wi-Fi Router, we would have to disconnect and reconnect out devices constantly. Between our security camera, our baby camera, two tablets, three smartphones, a laptop, Wi-Fi speakers, and more, our computer’s hotspot simply couldn’t handle a connected home. Every time we left the house, we’d need to restart it a few times before it would reconnect to our devices. It was a pain.Needless to say, watching anything in HD on remote devices was a nightmare.

“Looking for a router that will give you maximum performance for gaming and streaming HD media? Look no further. The AC1900 is here to help… Take Coverage to the Next Level: Increased performance and maximum Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home with 3 detachable antennas and 3 power amplifiers”

With the D-link AC1900 Wi-Fi Router, not only can we connect everything reliably, but it handles it like a pro! It has taken a lot of stress off me, allowed me to work more from mobile devices, and kept us all connected. Plus, it’s loaded with features.

d-link router 4

Features of the D-link AC1900 Wi-Fi Router:

  • Stream HD media with excellent AC1900 speed and quality performance.
  • Band Steering technology distributes your bandwidth better among your various devices,
  • You can also track your connected devices, and manage your network via remote devices
  • 3 detachable antennas and 3 power amplifiers allow for better performance
  • Beam Forming helps you stay connected as you move around.
  • Dual core processor allows for faster performance
  • Intelligent Traffic Prioritizations – means that older devices won’t affect your performance by choosing the best speed for each device.
  • Easy network control! Add parental controls, block certain devices and more, all from your browser window.
  • Includes many connectivity options, and advanced features, such as NVIDIA SHIELD compatibility for gaming.

d-link router 22

The D-link AC1900 Wi-Fi Router has transformed the way my family uses technology. It is the perfect solution for college apartments, dorm rooms, and other situations where Wi-Fi might be shared and heavily used. It stands true to D-link’s commitment to providing high end, easy-to-use connected solutions for students, family, and everyone in between!

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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