Living With Chronic Knee Pain: Is Cycling a Suitable Sport to Undertake?

With the knees being the largest hinge joints in the body, it stands to reason they are also the most likely to become injured. People of all ages can suffer from knee problems. When knee issues arise, it is important individuals remain active as much as possible. Thankfully, there are some sports that are suitable for those with knee issues. Is cycling one of those sports?

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pain can come on suddenly due to injuries or can become chronic in nature. Knee pain can often interfere with a person’s life and prevent them from doing those things they once loved doing. When knee pain strikes, it is important individuals know what may have caused the pain. The following are some of the common reasons for knee pain. Once a person knows the cause of their knee pain, they can grab their bike and bike goggles and start moving again.

· Arthritis is one of the most common reasons for people suffering from knee pain. When the cartilage breaks down in the knee, the bones can rub together during movement and cause pain.

· Injuries are also common in this large joint. Improper movements can cause tears and other types of damage to the soft tissues of the knee.

Is Cycling Suitable for Those With Knee Pain?

Exercise is highly important for people of all ages. A sedentary lifestyle poses health risks and should be avoided. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remain active when a person has knee pain.

Many people mistakenly believe cycling is bad for the knees, but they are wrong. Cycling is a low-impact activity that does not put a lot of pressure on the knees. Riding a bike regularly can cut down on the risks of developing many health concerns. Most people who do experience knee pain during cycling do it because of improper form.

Reasons Cycling Might Cause Knee Pain

To protect the knees from pain, it is imperative cyclers use the right form. There are certain factors that can cause a person to experience knee pain. Those who want to start cycling should avoid the following.

· When first starting out cycling, individuals need to make sure they start slowly. Rushing the process of becoming acclimated will only lead to a greater risk of injuries.

· Improper form needs to be avoided. When a person is not seated on their bike correctly and is not using the proper form, they can experience increased knee pain.

· Genetic factors can also play a role in knee pain with cycling. Certain conditions, including those revolving around malformations, may lead to problems with pain.

It is incredibly important individuals have the right gear to protect themselves during cycling. Those with knee pain may find it beneficial to wear knee protection. With the proper safety gear, cycling will cause less pain to the knees.

Tips for Preventing Knee Pain While Cycling

There are a few things individuals can do to protect themselves from knee pain while cycling. Taking the following steps will protect the knees. Remember to start out slowly.

1. Warm-up before each cycling event.

2. Working on leg strength will help the muscles that support the knees to become stronger.

3. Riding a bike with a proper fit is essential.


Dealing with knee pain is no fun. Knee pain can keep a person from being active and healthy. Cycling is one of the best sports for those who suffer from knee pain. With proper form and the right gear, cycling can improve pain and overall health.

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