Low Impact Workouts: Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Body


Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes people with injuries feel as if they shouldn’t keep working out. If you have a history of arthritis or other bodily injuries, you can still exercise, but you need to take extra precautions not to exacerbate your injuries.

There’s no reason to stop exercising just because you have an injury, as long as you do so responsibly. One of the easiest ways to exercise responsibly is to use equipment that is considered “low impact.” This will prevent you from injuring yourself or causing a condition like arthritis to flare up so you can still live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some pieces of equipment and a little advice on low impact workouts.

What is Low Impact?

Low impact exercise is a type of exercise that minimizes intense jolts to your body. For instance, running and boxing can be considered “high impact” workouts because they put a lot of strain on your legs and arms, respectively.

Low impact exercises include walking, cross-country skiing, and swimming. These minimize the stress on your body while at the same time promoting a strong cardiovascular workout and strengthening muscles. But it’s not only people with a history of injuries that can benefit from low-impact workouts. People with a few extra pounds or who are getting up there in age are perfect candidates for low impact exercise, as it will reduce the strain on muscles and bones.

Here are two great options for people looking for a low impact workout.


If you’ve ever used a piece of exercise equipment before, chances are it was a treadmill: they have been a popular choice for home gyms and professional gyms alike for decades.

The best thing about treadmills is that you can use them however you see fit. If you want a super low impact workout, you can just walk on it like you were walking down the street (and without having to worry about the weather!), or you can jog or run, although those exercises are more high impact than you may want.

Another cool feature of treadmills like the Sole F80 is that you can adjust the incline, so you can feel like you’re walking on a flat track or climbing a mountain road. That way, you can get your heart rate up whenever you want and get a great workout.


Elliptical machines are newer than treadmills and they basically mimic the actions of cross country skiing. You move the foot pedals in a nice, elliptical motion and there are arm bars that you hold onto to workout your upper body.

You can also move forward and backward on an elliptical, which allows you to vary your exercise routine. They are a great option for people with leg and back problems.

Low impact workouts can benefit everyone, especially those with a history or pain or injury or who are just starting an exercise program.