Portable 3D Printers Can Save People’s Lives, Nearly Anywhere on Eart

In the past, it was only possible to build prosthetic limbs or specialized crutches if you had an expensive machine and some serious expertise. Today, the situation is completely different. 3D printers have enabled medical practitioners to construct arms, legs, and even human skin at a price that most people can afford. They don’t need an elaborate operation to finish their work, either — these printers can be transported from hospitals in Manhattan to the farthest reaches of Africa without logistical problems. Children in Sudan, for example, have suffered for a long time in the midst of a horrifying war. Until recently, areas like the Nuba Mountains were too difficult to access and provide humanitarian relief, but 3D printers have changed that. Currently, Not Impossible Labs has a facility that builds prosthetics for local people who have lost limbs and never received proper care. To celebrate the latest breakthroughs in medical printing, here are six incredible and inspirational stories.

World of 3D printing infographic
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