Putting Your Trust in The Right Hands: 5 Common Questions and Answers About Modern Piano Moving


A piano is such a delicate instrument; you can’t just trust anyone to move it. Not only is it delicate, but also large and heavy, so moving it from one place to the other requires utmost care.

You should ensure that the mover you select has the right equipment and tools to help you seamlessly move your piano without resulting in any damages. Improper handling of the piano can lead to an alteration of the original sounds supposed to be produced by the piano. That’s why you need qualified and skilled movers like pianomoversoftexas.com

The following are 5 of the most frequently asked questions and answers about modern piano moving:

  1. Why Do I Need to Hire a Professional Piano Moving Company?

It is both careless and risky to entrust your expensive piano to anyone without considering their skills and qualifications. Your instrument safely making it to the destination is possible, but you can’t be sure about that. When you hire a professional mover, you are at least assured quality since you get to work with experienced and qualified people who will ensure that your piano gets to the intended destination safe and sound.

  1. Is the Safety of My Instrument Guaranteed?

Here is where professionalism comes in. A qualified mover understands that your piano is probably one of the most expensive things you have ever invested your money on and that’s why they take their job seriously. They ensure that they take care of your instrument by implementing secure practices that guarantee safety.

  1. What Are the Things I Need to Do to Prepare for Moving My Piano?

When planning to move a piano, the moving is usually the last step since it’s just one instrument, right? So, before you get to the actual moving, you need to:

  • Find a professional moving company
  • Set an appointment with the mover
  • Make necessary arrangements

After you have done all this, then you will be ready to move your instrument safely.

  1. How Much Will It Cost Me to Move My Piano?

The amount of money needed to move your piano will vary depending on factors like the size of the keyboard, where you live and if you are moving it across the country or locally.

Different companies also have different costs. When moving an upright piano, a mover might charge you between $380-$650, and if it’s a baby grand piano, it can cost you an additional $100. The cost varies depending on the mover you choose.

  1. What Is the Best Time to Move My Piano?

The most advisable time to do this is during weekdays. It’s also recommended that you schedule the moving very early on the date you have chosen. Compared to moving your piano on weekends, doing it on weekdays is cheaper. Additionally, between September to April is usually the best time to move your instrument as the number of people moving pianos during this period is less, which makes the rates cheaper.

You should also consider other things like work hours and the climate when moving because doing it during bad weather can jeopardize the entire process.