Quitting Cigarette Smoking


Smoking is a habit that is so hard to quit. It is the first thing on your mind in the morning, after you eat a meal, and on your mind constantly in general. It is also the way that many smokers socialize and take their coffee break. How can you break all of these habits? You almost have to become a completely new person with a new identity: the nonsmoker.

If you can kick the complete and total dependence you have for smoking, you may have a fighting chance to break the habit. Quitting cigarette smoking is next to impossible for the majority of smokers. If you have the strength, courage, and persistence to break your dependency, you may be able to quit.

If you have any uncertainty at all about quitting, chances are that you will not quit. Some smokers have no choice in quitting, and it’s usually because of health problems like cancer and emphysema, but you don’t have to get that far to be motivated to quit. EAGLES is an organization that is currently recruiting smokers of all ages and backgrounds that are motivated to quit smoking.

They are going to study these smokers and attempt to find out why cigarette smokers have a 10% chance in successfully quitting despite the multimillion-dollar industry of products that are designed to help quit. Visit http://beatingsmoking.com for more information.