What Is A Skip Bin And When To Hire Them?


Hiring a skip bin is something that most people will have to do at some point. There are lots of

different reasons why people will need to choose large skip hire or mini skip hire. Read this helpful

guide to learn about skip bins and when to hire them.

What Is A Skip Bin

A skip bin is essential for a variety of different tasks. The skips come in a variety of different sizes so

that any job can be completed with a minimum of trouble. People should choose a skip that is the

right size for the job because if it is too small then this could cause delays. Research several different

companies before making the final decision on which one to select.

When To Hire Skips?

There are several situations where people will need to hire a skip. Choose the best mini skip hire in

Perth by West Bin because it is cost-effective.

House Renovation

The most obvious reason for hiring a skip is if the house is being renovated. A renovation will create

lots of debris that needs to be cleared away. The rubble could include concrete, wood and plaster, so

the skip needs to be sturdy enough to take those materials.

Once all the material has been removed from the house after the renovation, the skip can be

removed from the site and emptied.


Recycling is becoming increasingly important because people understand that greenhouse emissions

are having a damaging effect on the planet. This means that re-using by recycling them is something

that is commonplace. Recyclable goods include plastic, glass and cardboard. Homeowners can sort

through their assorted rubbish in order to work out what can be recycled. The skip is divided into

different compartments, which means the different materials can be easily separated.

A local recycling plant will accept the material and then the skip can be returned to the house so that

it can be filled up once again.

Getting Rid Of Rubbish

Ordinary rubbish bins are only designed to fit four or five rubbish bags at a time. If people have a

large family that creates a lot of rubbish, then they will create a large amount of extra bags that

cannot fit into the bin. This could lead to bags piling up on the pavement and obstructing other


A simple solution to this problem is to hire a large skip that can be filled with the extra bags of
rubbish. Some local councils will fine people who leave their rubbish lying on the street, so this
means that calling cheapest load of rubbish removal could be a very wise move.

Moving House

Moving house can be a stressful experience, especially if there is lots of clutter taking up space. This

clutter can be dealt with quite efficiently, simply by hiring a skip large enough to deal with all of the

unwanted items.

This guide has explained how skips can be used effectively. People should look at a range of different

skips before making the final decision on which one to choose.