Smart Home Security Investments


Keeping our home secure is a very base desire and a hangover from our days as cavemen. We want to protect our belongings and the security of our loved ones more than anything. While a lot of home security is about making logical and sensible decisions to keep people out, there are a few investments that will help to guarantee security. Good quality hardware works in two ways: it obviously makes it harder for a burglar to break in, but it also serves to put them off. Many intruders are opportunists, so when it looks like it’ll be a difficult job to get in, they’ll tend to look elsewhere. Here are five great investments for boosting your house’s security.

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Good quality locks are essential. Opportunistic robbers will know that solid locks are far harder to break, making them far less likely to try. Flimsy locks practically scream “break me” to anyone who wants to get in. On your front door, a Yale lock and a mortise lock is the best combination, as it gives two points of security. A single lock can often act as a pivot if hinges are a bit weak, making it far easier to break. On windows, ensure you choose locks which bolt into the frame, rather than just rest on it, and choose metal over plastic if possible.


Career intruders are usually pretty clued up on alarm technology. They know how to disarm or bypass old and outdated systems, and they’ll avoid homes with modern styles. Top tip: keep the alarm panel out of sight of the door or windows so that they’re not able to work out which system you’re using.

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A sturdy fence and gate around your home do two things. Not only does it make it tricky to gain access to your land in the first place, but if you pop a strategically placed “beware of the dog” sign on the fence as well, the potential intruder is going to look elsewhere, for fear of being mauled or the dog alerting people nearby to their presence. Check out different styles of fence on Different styles will offer different levels of security, but just remember that the higher the fence, the more secure your land. Spikes on the top are just a bonus.

Security lights

An overgrown, poorly lit yard is the perfect stakeout spot for someone waiting for you to leave home or go to bed before they try their luck. Keeping your yard clear and free from hiding spots is a great way to discourage them. A security light on a sensor will usually alarm a potential intruder, and force them to sprint off so they don’t get caught. For such a little installation, it can make a huge difference.

A dog

Finally, if you’re looking for the perfect excuse for a new furry friend, this is it. Even a tiny dog will put off intruders as they tend to act as an alarm, alerting people nearby of the intrusion, but nobody’s going to try to get past a big dog, however much of a softie they really are.