Is The Garden Letting The House Down?


When it comes to creating a home you can truly feel at peace in and love the look of, then the garden has as big a role to play as the interior. Curb appeal is for more than attracting buyers. It’s about creating a welcoming sight for friends and guests. For having a home that you can be proud of. If your garden is instead embarrassing you, it might be time to figure out the reasons why.

Doctor your soil

If you’re having trouble growing anything in the garden and you have a lot of dry or dead patches, then the chances are there’s an issue with the soil, as says. Most commonly, it’s going to be too acidic or too alkaline. A pH testing kit can help you get to the bottom of that. Depending on the type of soil, there are other recommended ways to make sure you’re not damaging it and making it uninhabitable to plants. Figure out your soil type and learn the right ways to treat it.

Fight pests naturally

Pests are some of the most common problems with a garden. They do more than eat your precious plants. They also bring with them a lot of diseases. But relying on pesticides can cause its own problems, including causing your plants to have unsightly curled leaves. Instead, get used to natural solutions like companion plants. These plants invite predators to the pests that would feast on your other garden denizens.


Don’t ignore your trees

Trees might seem like nothing but a chainsaw could get in their way, but the truth is that they’re just as susceptible to disease as the other parts of the garden. As specialists like say, a good way to take care of disease is by diagnosing it through the branches and leaves and pruning the right parts away. It’s important to take care of your tree and tidy up after it. Falling leaves left alone decompose and invite fungi. If those leaves are diseased, then it’s going to spread through the rest of the garden as well.

Make a rhythm of it

An even distribution of sunlight and water through the whole garden needs to be guaranteed. Overgrowth needs to be controlled so that you’re not creating a dense, damp habitat for all kinds of weeds and pests, too. Make a simple list of gardening chores to take care of. From seasonal chores like cleaning up the fall leaves to more common routines like the weekly mowing of the lawn. Take care of the garden a little bit at a time to save yourself the effort of having to fix all your problems in one big campaign time and time again.

If you have a natural garden then you have to learn to take care of it and make it a regular thing. Otherwise, it’s going to let down the exterior appeal of the home time and time again. Once you fix the major problems and get into the routine of regular maintenance, you might even start enjoying yourself.