The Importance Of Gut Health For Moms


It is believed that mothers have a tremendous gut feeling and they are connected in a very strong bond with their child. There is no direct link between being a mother and having a strong intuition but a mom knows if something is wrong with their child. Poor physical health could have an impact on your mind. All animals also have some intuition and it only shows their capability to ensure that their child is out of trouble in every way. When you listen to the inner voice, you can figure out the best thing to do for children. No matter what you call it, the gut feeling is an ideal decision you can make. When you trust your gut, you gain courage and can make the right decision.


In order to understand that the gut feelings inside your body are accurate or not, you need to lay importance on gut health. Your gut health will give you improved health across all areas inside your body and your body will be able to function in an efficient manner. You need to remember that mental, as well as physical health, go together and if there is negative bacteria inside your stomach, you will not be able to think in the right manner.


Your Body and Microbiomes


A healthy microbiome inside your gut helps maintain the immune system’s functions by building an active flow. Human body has trillions of bacteria, fungi and viruses and they are known as microbiomes. The presence of the bacteria can improve digestion, metabolism and break down the nutrients. It will help cut down the negative toxins inside your gut. If you have poor gut health, you will have to face a number of diseases related to the heart and liver. Hence, any imbalance of the positive and negative microbes in your intestine can cause damage to the functions of the major organs inside your body. This is why it is of primary importance for moms to check their gut health. You need to understand that every bacterium present inside the body is not bad, there are some which are highly beneficial to your body. There are trillions of microbes in the intestine and the remaining on your skin, they are in the socket of the large intestine in your body which is known as a gut microbiome. Remember that there are more than 1000 different species of bacteria present and each plays a big role in the health of your gut. When the microbes are contaminated with negative bacteria in the body, your health will be affected and this will have an effect on your mind and body. In the absence of proper gut health, the body will deteriorate and fluctuate. Babies come in contact with the microbes while they are in the womb which is why mothers need to consume live active cultures when pregnant.


The impact of food on gut health


An amount of bacterial diversity in your stomach will be defined by the food you consume. If you consume whole foods and more fresh produce, there will be a higher positive bacteria growth in the gut. With an increase in the diversity of positive microbes in mothers, nutrition in breast milk increases. A child is exposed to the first type of bacteria in breast milk and it is crucial for a healthy physical and mental growth of babies and for the appropriate absorption of nutrients inside the mothers’ cells. The process of digestion of fiber is also because of the same bacteria which is present in the gut inside the human body. There are specific bacteria in the gut which ensures proper breakdown of fiber inside the gut and in the absence of stomach, it cannot metabolize food properly. With regard to your immune system, your microbiome will build fluidity in the gut which helps immune cells to generate and grow. The reaction of your body to any type of an infection is determined by the healthy bacterial cells present inside the gut.


There is also a strong connection between the gut and your brain health. Hence, do not ever neglect the health of the gut because it will have an impact on the way in which your intuition is used. With a healthy gut, you will have stronger feelings. When you overlook the biggest organ in your body, it could lead to negative effects. With the right diet, your gut health can stay in the best condition.