The Ultimate Guide to Understand Major Health Consequences of Car Accidents

Cars have significantly improved the convenience in our lives, but they have brought some peculiar set of safety challenges as well. Moreover, most of the drivers utterly disregard road safety measures and traffic rules, and as a result, the number of car accidents has been increasing at a rapid rate globally.

There are specific tips that you must follow if you experience a car accident. But, make sure that you do not experience one in the first place because the overall impact of a car accident is enormous, especially the health consequences. Therefore, we have listed here two significant implications of car accidents you must be aware of so that you are encouraged to drive more safely.

  1.     Physical Health Consequences:
  •       Cuts and Burns:

Cuts are suffered during crashes when people come into contact with sharp objects like broken glass from the smashed-up windscreen. Cuts may look benign initially, but if not treated properly, they can cause skin infections like impetigo, which can worsen into life-threatening conditions like sepsis.

When a car accident results in an explosion due to a ruptured fuel line or tank, people are susceptible to suffer extensive thermal burns that can lead to permanent scarring.

  •       Soft Tissue Damage:

Muscles, tendons, and ligaments can suffer soft tissue injuries because accidents can launch people in uncomfortable positions. For example, rear impact accidents can throttle the necks of passengers to and fro violently, such that it may snap the soft tissues in their necks, resulting in a condition known as whiplash.

  •       Fractures:

As with muscles and tendons, bones are also vulnerable to damage in car accidents, because people are thrown around with a violent force in accidents. Resultantly, their body parts like legs, arms, and wrists are dangerously susceptible to bone fractures.

  •       Permanent Injuries:

In extreme cases, people experience severe fractures and limb mutilation that result in loss of vital body parts. Moreover, injuries suffered by the spine can also result in permanent disabilities like half and total body paralysis. Lastly, traumatic Brain Injuries incurred in car accidents also have the potential to cause permanent conditions like a coma.

  •       Internal Organ Damage:

In extreme accidents, the body experiences a crushing amount of force that can make the internal organs squeeze and collapse. As a result, people experience chronic organ failures that culminate into the ultimate consequence i.e., death.

  1.     Mental Health Consequences:
  •       Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):

People who suffered extreme injuries in car accidents are reported to experience chronic bouts of stress and anxiety, which in severe cases can mutate into PTSD. This situation worsens for those people who have caused the accident as they feel responsible for the injuries incurred by other passengers. They are often sued as well, and hence dealing with a competent opposing counsel like Atlanta truck accident lawyer further adds to the overall stress.

  •       Insomnia:

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder causes sleep disorders because stress over stimulates the brain and releases compounds like adrenaline in the body. Adrenaline keeps the body on edge, and as a result, such people struggle to go to sleep and experience flashbacks and nightmares even if they manage to snooze for a while.

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