Things To Consider When Buying A Clothes Dryer And Washer


\The average American home is equipped with appliances that are essential to everyday living. With that being said, no American home is complete without a clothes dryer and washer. With these appliances, we can afford the luxuries of not having to manually wash and dry clothes unlike in other parts of the world. You might be looking into buying new ones. Before you head to the appliance center, here are the things you should consider when you buy a clothes dryer and washer.

Laundry Area

The space of your laundry area determines the size of the clothes washer and dryer that you’ll choose. If you have a wide enough space, you can go for bigger machines that you can place side by side. Small spaces limit the size of your machines. These spaces call for smaller machines that you can stack or machines that are both a clothes dryer and a washer.

Top-loader or Front-loader?

If you’re stacking your machines or placing them under a counter then a front-loader is really your only option. Those who have more space for their machines are free to choose between either one. Some things to note are:

-Top-loaders are mostly basic models that generally cost less than front loaders.

-Front-loaders are usually more efficient because of how these can handle high-speed spins.

Drum/Tub Material

The usual materials dryer and washer drums/tubs are porcelain enamel or stainless steel. Porcelain enamel ones are less durable than its stainless counterpart. These will also cost you less with a relatively lower price tag. The best option, however, would be stainless steel because it is the most durable albeit pricier material.

Load Capacity

The more people that live in a home, the bigger the load capacity you will need. It would be more efficient to load laundry in a single go than having to load over and over again. It won’t just save you time and energy. It will also save on water and electricity consumption. However, if you live alone or with one other person, it would be best to choose smaller machines as a practical option.

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