Why Spirituality Leads to Good Mental Health


People often hear the terms faith and spirituality without truly thinking about them. Everyone on earth has faith in order to simply live. People have faith that a car driving towards them will stay in its lane. They have faith that their airplane will stay in the air and land safely. However, faith in a higher power is sometimes seen as more difficult to achieve. There are real and tangible benefits to developing one’s spirituality on a path to live a more faith-filled life, so it’s worthwhile to spend time exploring it.

Why Focus on Spirituality

Spirituality implies an inner examination of oneself and developing a sense of being better connected to other people and nature. As people mature, they often seek deeper meaning in their life. Not surprisingly, this self-reflection leads to benefits related to a person’s mental health. It can reduce anxiety and calm stress. It can help ease the pain of depression and sadness related to loss. Some studies have even shown positive effects on people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Reflection on spirituality is not just beneficial for a person’s mental health; it can have a positive effect on physical health as well. Studies show that this quiet meditation and reflection can actually lead to lower heart rates and blood pressure.  They can even reduce the rates of strokes or heart attacks. If human bodies physically function better with an increased level of faith and spirituality, it seems more than coincidental.

Where To Begin

If you’re seeking a more spiritual life, it can be hard to find a place to start. Many people begin searching online because they feel it’s less intimidating than reaching out in person. There are hundreds of online resources, and it can be overwhelming to sort through them. For people who want to simply learn more about faith, websites like The Way International are a great resource. Such sites offer a nondenominational perspective on spiritual teachings, as well as articles about living peaceful lives through times of turmoil.

How To Reflect

With today’s fast-paced society and packed schedules, it’s often difficult to find quiet time. However, the first step in reflecting on one’s spirituality is to carve out that time. Some people find it easier to do in the mornings or evenings, and others find a calming effect more beneficial during a lunch break or in the middle of the day. For those with a higher faith, this often turns into time for prayer. Deep breaths are a good way to begin, and many people find it necessary to close their eyes. From there, it’s a very personal journey to reflect on the issues or needs in one’s life, or perhaps to communicate in prayer.

Spirituality and faith are needed for more than just a person’s soul. Time spent reflecting on such topics can actually offer physical and mental health benefits. The journey to finding increased faith or stronger spirituality will be worth it, and it will lead to a calmer and more peaceful life with a higher purpose.