Invest in your Happiness: Why Travel Can Make You Feel Richer


People hardly need convincing when it comes to desiring opportunities to travel. In fact, with most people, there are a few things that they would enjoy more. Yet, taking steps to get out there can be a distant dream. There are any number of reasons why they tend to feel they can’t go.

Money is usually the top reason that people point to for not being able to travel. There’s always some kind of essential to spend on or to save for.

As important as these priorities are, it’s important to remember what vacations can be. If you’re not sure how what follows are all the ways in which travel enriches you. There is no other way that broadens your horizons, helps you gain a new perspective and helps you be happy the way travel does.

Travel turns you into a better person

When the mind is exposed to little other than a familiar world, it becomes hardened. It can be a challenge to understand the value of the things you don’t know. On television, a country in Latin America, Africa, and South Asia may appear to be nothing more than depressingly poor. When you go to one of those countries, talk to those people, however, their humanity can register in your mind as no amount of reading can. You notice how even in their squalor, people do remain just as spirited as anyone; and that all people want is to find a better life, make a contribution and be kind to others. It’s hard to harbor bigotry or indifference when you travel.

You become more creative

Studies show that traveling to new places makes for greater cognitive flexibility and thought integration, both being qualities essential to creativity. Travel isn’t necessarily about finding deep, magical experiences. It’s the very act of seeing a place that’s completely different in every way that loosens the brain’s belief in preconceived notions. Travel affects the brain in powerful ways.

You become healthier

Other studies have confirmed that travel simply makes people happier. People have been found to find greater satisfaction with their lives after travel. A Framingham study has found that travel lowered stress effectively enough to lower risk of heart attacks, and other studies have found that it lowers risk of Alzheimer’s.

You learn more about yourself

When all you expose yourself to is the same old routine every day, you’ll never know yourself. The more you see how you react to new situations, people, and experiences, the more you learn about who you are.

You need to learn how to afford to travel, however

If you do understand how important it is to travel, you may still wonder what you can do about your financial situation.

If you really want to travel, you could find the will to improve your financial circumstances and work hard at being financially responsible.

It can be a good idea to start with your credit score. Anything that you do to improve your credit score is usually a great, financially responsible move. You can find information on a site like Fix My Credit (see this site).

You don’t necessarily need an expensive trip to a far-off land to reap all the benefits of travel. You only need to go to a place that’s new, even if it is this country. As long as the experiences that you gain there are different from what you have every day, you’ll see visible improvements.