Time To Tackle The Stigma Of Mental Health


Mental health is always going to be a taboo subject, and part of the reason for that might be that we don’t really understand it. For instance, you might know someone who has suffered from depression in the past. But do you understand what that means or how they felt? Feeling depression is like a thick shadow washing over your life, destroying anything that should be bright and beautiful. However, most people think feeling depressed is just another way of saying you’re sad. Sadness is an emotion, while depression is a mental condition that can last for days, weeks, months or even years. Here are a few of the other common confusions surrounding mental health.

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Mental Health Issues Aren’t Rare

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You might think it’s uncommon to meet someone who has dealt with clinical depression or some form of mental condition. Actually, the WHO estimate that 350 million people globally and sixteen million people in America are depressed. So, it’s definitely not as rare as many people think. And there’s another problem with that number too. That 350 million stat is based on the number of people who get a diagnosis.

Many people who suffer from conditions like depression never do. Perhaps because we’ve been taught that getting therapy is something we should feel ashamed of. However, again, even getting therapeutic treatment isn’t that uncommon with a recent poll revealing over fifty million people in the USA have received therapy over the last two years.

Mental Health Issues Don’t Always Require Medical Intervention

You might think that people who have mental health issues tend to end up needing medical treatments such as medicine. For instance, you might assume that people who are depressed should be immediately put on antidepressants.

The issue with this is that anti depressant pills often come with dangerous side effects. For instance, many prescribed antidepressants can cause people to hear voices and ironically have suicidal thoughts.

That’s why doctors tend to use this as a last resort. Instead, many are now recommending more natural alternatives. For instance, by vaping certain herbs, you can get the same effect as an antidepressant without the side effects. Concentrate vapes are especially useful because they allow you to efficiently get the best benefits from the herbs that are being used by burning them at the right temperature.

Suffering From Mental Health Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Function In Society

You can, and people with mental health issues go on to do truly amazing things. Hugh Laurie, a world-renowned actor, has suffered from manic depression. While, Amanda Seyfried, has talked openly about her issues with anxiety numerous times.

An issue with mental health is just like having the flu or a virus. It needs to be treated and dealt with in one way or another. But it doesn’t have to severely alter your quality of life or impact your future. You can still reach the place you want to be in life, and by talking about mental health more, we can all get a better understanding of it.

This will help more people the aid they need without feeling shame or embarrassment. We just have to break down the stigma first.

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