5 Tips and Tricks to Ensure You’re Getting the Best Night’s Sleep


Everybody knows they feel better when they’re on a good sleep schedule, but not everybody realizes that sleeping well is as important to their health as eating well and exercising regularly. Vast numbers of studies have repeatedly demonstrated the negative impact poor sleep, poor in terms of either quality, quantity, or both, has on one’s health. Inadequate sleep interferes with the body’s hormone levels, as well as with physical and mental functioning. Consider using some or all of the following 5 tips and tricks in your bedroom to optimize the quality of your sleep.

Upgrade the Quality of Your Bedding

People often economize on the quality of their sheets and comforters, wrongly assuming they don’t matter as much because they don’t show to visitors. If rough, scratchy sheets or a lumpy comforter are keeping you up at night, consider investing in higher quality sheets and blankets, and a soft, fluffy comforter to provide warmth without weight.

Make Sure You Have a Truly Dark Sleeping Environment

In our modern, computerized world we are surrounded by lights even after we turn them out at night. Take a look around your bedroom when you turn off the lights tonight. Depending upon the number of electronics in your bedroom, you’re likely to see a number of lights, and those in several colours! Now, go to work determining how to eliminate those lights with the potential to disturb you the most. If light enters the room from outside the windows, considering blackout draperies. Eyeshades work well to screen out unwanted light, as well.

Don’t Sleep with Pets

Many people would rather suffer a poor night’s sleep than boot their pet out of their bed, but those truly desperate for improved sleep quality may wish to consider just that. If the thought of Fido on the floor is simply too much to entertain, at least make certain that the bed is large enough to contain the tossing and turnings of all its occupants.

Adjust the Temperature

Many people find that the quality of their sleep improves if they lower the thermostat a few degrees when they retire at night. This is related to temperature changes that take place in the body when they fall asleep. Although core body temperatures drop when people sleep, the temperature of their skin rises. Add a blanket if you’re afraid you might get cold, but lowering the temperature might be just the ticket for an improved night’s slumber.

Deaden Extraneous Sounds

There is little doubt that some people sleep more soundly than others, seemingly gifted with the ability to ignore all the little things that go bump in the night. However, ambient sound can be torture for one who sleeps lightly. Whether the noises be within or without the house, aids such as white noise machines and earplugs can be true sleep savers.

Devastating accidents, such as the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, have been attributed in full or in part to lack of sleep. Lack of sleep contributes to poor dietary choices which in turn contribute to any number of diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. Why be that person who suffers in this manner when the benefits from sleeping well so clearly outweigh continuing as you are?! Upgrade your sleep quality starting today!

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