An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away: Tips On How To Get Back To Them


As the old saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But sometimes you don’t want the doctor to stay away. Sometimes you would much rather the doctor came to you. Healthcare is carried out in GP surgeries, hospitals or health clinics. These are fine when you’re able to get about easily and independently. But when certain illnesses strike, popping down to see your GP might not seem quite so simple. So what do you do when you need effective healthcare, but don’t want to rely on your ability to be mobile and capable? Well, there are a few options. Here are the most effective and reliable.

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Public Transport

Public transport can get you to the doctors and hospital appointments fairly efficiently. There are services that go to most clinics, hospitals, and other areas. These are fine for routine check ups and minor issues. For example, minor chest infections, tonsillitis or minor back pain. However, they are not appropriate for emergencies.

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Ambulances are there for a reason. To get those in need of urgent medical assistance to accident and emergency departments. If you are witnessing or experiencing a severe medical problem, call for an ambulance. They will be able to get you to the hospital in the fastest time. There will also be professional paramedics on board who will know how to best deal with the situation until you reach doctors and surgeons.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

This is ideal for those who have mobility difficulties. Services in this field can collect you or your relative from their home. They will take you to your doctor or hospital appointments in good time and will assist you from home to car and car to the hospital reception. If you have a condition which leaves you with fatigue, or you have an injury which affects your movement, this is probably the best option for you. For more information, refer to sites such as

Friends And Family

Friends and family will often be able to help you out when it comes to getting to the hospital or doctor’s surgery. This is convenient as they will be able to pick you up, accompany you and bring you home. However, you can’t expect your family and friends to do this consistently. It’s a lovely favor now and then, but if you have routine or regular appointments, it may be a bit much to ask.


Taxis are there to transport people who have no other options. Consequently, they take advantage of this situation. Large charges will be made. However, sometimes you will be able to haggle. As taxis drop you off and pick you up, you also won’t incur any parking charges, which can prove expensive around hospitals.

For more options on transport and physical aid in getting to your appointments, you can always contact your local hospital or GP. They’ll be able to give you advice on the cheapest, easiest or fastest routes to where you need to be.