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SHAPE mags

Summer is coming to a close and kids everywhere are headed back to school. The perfect time to introduce innovative, fun and educational Shape Mags magnetic tile building sets that allow little builders to create castles, bridges, trains, buildings, pyramids, rockets, their name, the possibilities are endless. Shape mags come in train track sets, gates and fences, frames, arches, windows, doors, vehicle bases, and much more. Shine a flashlight through their magnetic structures to explore shadows and color. Or, try building in the window or on the overhead projector to create a colorful reflection and great hands-on learning fun. Kids are only limited by their own imagination to put together a morning or afternoon of creative fun. And if they need a little help coming up with ideas, Shape Mags building sets also includes instructions that provide a wide variety of visual examples.

About Shape Mags

Shape Mags are compatible with other magnetic tile brands making it easy to add on to your child’s existing collection, but offers a wider selection of tile shapes. Let your imagination and creativity flow wherever you go as each set is self contained in a handy carrier box! It’s great for a wide age range, kids, and teens and even for adults! It’s just too much fun to put down. Recommended for ages 3+. Sets start at $24.99.

SHAPE mags

Not only will your kid(s) adore Shape Mags, but secretly so can you, resting easy in the knowledge that these simple blocks are helping your child. Shape Mags stimulate right side brain training through construction and assist your child with spatial problem-solving tasks, pattern recognition, motor skills, logical thinking, and math reasoning while at the same time promoting creativity. Shape Mags will be a valuable part of your child’s cognitive development!

SHAPE mags

SHAPE mags

Shape Mags is award-winning, with recognition from Parent Tested Parent Approved and Tillywig Toy.

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