Caution Is the Mother of Wisdom: 4 Things You Should Never Do After a Car Accident


If you are like most people, you drive a vehicle on a daily basis. Driving a car to get to work or dropping the kids off at school is fairly commonplace. Some people drive so much that they forget about the dangers on the roadways in their area.

Being involved in a car accident can be extremely traumatic. Generally, these accidents will damage your vehicle and may cause bodily injuries as well. In the moments following a car collision, your head will probably be spinning and your judgment will be questionable at best.

Once you have regained your composure, you will need to do your best to avoid doing or saying anything foolish. Here are some of the mistakes you need to avoid after being involved in a car accident.

1. Under No Circumstances Should You Leave the Scene of an Accident

One of the biggest mistakes you can make following a car accident is leaving the scene. Over 13 percent of the drivers in the United States don’t have insurance. In some cases, the fear of not having insurance can lead to a person fleeing the scene of an accident.

In most states, leaving the scene of an accident is considered a felony. Instead of hightailing it after being involved in an accident, you need to call the proper authorities. A simple call to 911 will help you get both an ambulance and members of law enforcement on scene.

2. Refusing Medical Attention is a Bad Idea

During a car collision, your body will be thrown around, which can lead to severe injuries. Some people think that the symptoms of the injuries they experience in a car accident should be immediately noticeable. In reality, things like internal injuries can take days to surface.

Refusing medical treatment at the scene of your accident can put your health in jeopardy. Even if you have no injuries, you need to get a report generated detailing this information.

If you plan on suing the negligent party that caused the wreck, you will need this documentation when meeting with lawyers. With one look at the EMT and accident report, these accident attorneys can tell you whether or not your case is worth pursuing.

3. Avoid Taking Blame For the Accident

In the moments following a car accident, you will probably be approached by members of law enforcement. While it is important to let them know about the events that led up to an accident occurring, you need to avoid coming out and taking the blame for the accident.

In some cases, taking the blame for an accident can look extremely bad if you sued and the case goes to court. Instead of making statements regarding who was at fault for an accident, you need to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

4. Obtaining Proof is Essential

Some people think that all of the evidence they need to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver will be included in the accident report filled out by the officer working the scene. While this report will have a lot of useful information, police officers are human. This means that they may make mistakes and leave crucial information out of the report.

The best way to avoid problems caused by these mistakes is by documenting evidence on your own. Taking pictures and getting contact information from witnesses of the accident is crucial. With this information, you can help your attorney in their attempt to build a winning case.

Before choosing a lawyer to help with a car accident claim, you will need to schedule a few consultations. The information from these consultations can be helpful when attempting to narrow down the selection of lawyers in your area.