Creating a Hidden Paradise From Your Tired Backyard


Gardens are usually very open spaces that are wasted because the owners just don’t have enough time to work on them or maintain them. Even a professional gardener can do so much when the owner doesn’t seem to care much about their backyard, but there are plenty of ways to make use of that empty space in the back of your house and turn it into a luxury paradise that’s capable of melting stress, boosting your motivation or even giving you a productive new hobby.

Here are a couple of tips on how to turn your tired backyard into a hidden paradise—a secret that might be worth keeping from your visitors!

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Choose the Plants You Love

Plants are important in any garden. Be it trees or small beds of flowers, choose plants that you personally love. A gardener can help you pick colors and types of flowers that will fit your intended mood, but depending on your budget and the season you might have a limited amount of choice. If you already have plants you enjoy seeing, then they can easily be relocated. Trees, however, are much more difficult to move and they usually need to be cut down if they’re taking up precious space in your garden.

Improve Your Patio

Patios are essential parts of every garden. They’re the space that separates the lawn from your house and as such, serves as a valuable area to place things like garden furniture and a grill for outdoor cooking. Replace or clean up the patio tiles with a pressurized cleaner if you want them to look sparkling and brand new, and consider installing an overhead roof to keep it private and to keep rain out. Remember that your patio will be the main area you spend your time in when you create your hidden paradise, so pamper it and invest a lot of money on patio improvements.

Consider Privacy Options

Next, you need to consider privacy options. The most common choice is to install screens so that people can’t see into your garden from ground level, but you may also want to plant trees or install a roof over certain parts of your garden to prevent people peeking at you from a higher elevation, such as the second floor of your neighbor’s house. Wholesale vinyl fence can be a relatively cheap option for protecting your garden from nosey people on the ground level, while tinted glass ceilings can be a fantastic way to keep prying eyes away from you without compromising natural light exposure.

Pavilions and Gazebos

If you have a large garden, then building a pavilion or gazebo can be a fantastic way to add a little touch of class to your lawn. These are fantastic hangout spots that are relatively private and are exposed to a lot of sunlight. With added tables, they can be fantastic hangout spots to eat or play at. What you do with them is really up to you, but it goes without saying that they open up a lot of fun options and add a lot of versatility to your garden.