Do You Suspect Your Hearing Is Not the Way It Used to Be? Here Are 6 Signs to Confirm


Sometimes you can experience symptoms that may signal you that you have a hearing problem. A hearing problem is not something you should take lightly. If you realize that you are straining to get what people say then it would be best if you saw a medical practitioner. Staying for long without  consulting a doctor when you have already seen some of the hearing disorder symptoms can complicate things for you. So, the best action to take is to see a doctor immediately. Below are 6 signs that your hearing is not the way they used to be.

1) Your Neighbor Complains that Your TV is Too Loud

Have you ever experienced a scenario where you want to increase the volume to your TV all the time such that your family members or neighbor starts complaining.

In some cases, some TV programs can be hard to follow. So, you may feel like you need to increase the volume of your TV. If that’s the case, then you should be worried that you are losing your hearing.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Try and visit a medical practitioner to check what could be wrong with your ear. He or she should be able to advise you on which hearing aids will be best for you.

2) You Have Trouble Listening on the Telephone

Mobile or landline phones have a volume control settings that enable you to either increase or reduce the volume. That means, you should not have trouble listening to your loved one, co-worker or your client.

Check your volume settings and if you find yourself straining to get what the other person is saying even after you have increased your volume to the maximum, you need to visit a doctor to check what’s wrong with  your ear.

3) You Have Trouble Following a Conversation When People are Talking at the Same Time

Your ability to process and understand two or more competing signals tend to deteriorate every time. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that when you occasionally get lost in any conversation then that’s not a sign of a hearing a loss.

Though, if you find yourself finding it difficult to catch up with conversations at your dining with your family members, then that’s a sign of hearing loss.

4) You’re Tired From Straining to Hear Conversations

You may always get fatigued if you strain to follow conversations. Therefore, if you always feel fatigued at the end of the day, after a conversation with your co-workers, then it’s time you consulted your doctor.

5) You say “What?” a lot

Just because you didn’t hear your friend from far shouldn’t mean you are suffering from an ear disorder. Though, you should be a little concerned when you continuously utter the word, “what?” each and every time. 

6) You Have Trouble Hearing Children and Women

You shouldn’t be disturbed when you’re experiencing hearing problems at a certain age; it’s normal that when you reach a certain age, then your hearing capabilities decreases.

Women and children tend to speak at higher pitches. So, you may not get them clearly. But you need to be curious if you can’t get your little one even when he or she is right next to you.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the symptoms, it’s a little easier to know when to contact your doctor. Visit your doctor for consultation and see the way forward before it’s too late.