Final Prep Tips for Your Big Day


Planning a wedding is a huge endeavor that takes many months. With all the small (and big) things to consider, it can be easy to feel like you’re missing things. Once you’ve got the venue, the band, the guest list, the dress, the food, and the other big elements out of the way, there is still a multitude of small details that you will still have to contend with. To stop yourself from getting too stressed out, make lists of all the necessary things you still have to deal with and mark them with a timeline so that you feel more in control of the situation.

Here are some tips suggested by JJ’s House designer Jessica for getting wedding-ready for your big day.

  1. Build a wedding website

Wedding websites are becoming big business. They allow you to keep all the information about your wedding in one place, while providing your guests with everything from registries to information on where you met, to the schedule. You can set up wedding websites to also permit your guests to RSVP and choose their meals (and have a reminder sent to the email of their choice so they don’t forget whether it was chicken or fish).

  1. Arrange transportation

With all the excitement about the ceremony and the reception, you may forget that you need to get to the ceremony, and from the ceremony to the reception. While you don’t need to arrange some extravagant horse-drawn carriage, you also don’t want to end up walking. Have a guest or member of the wedding party drive you, or hire a limousine to transport the entire wedding party.

  1. Do some self-care

While you shouldn’t feel pressured to lose weight or to fit into a certain size by your wedding day, exercising can be a great way to relieve some of the stress of wedding planning. Even doing something like walking daily or taking up yoga is a great way to remember to take care of yourself, and to take a break from worrying about the planning. Exercise is also very beneficial for skin health and can help control breakouts.

  1. Finalize the readings

If you are going to be doing a reading during your ceremony or at the reception—or if you have members of the wedding party that will be—you should finalize these readings about three months out. This will give you time to make any final tweaks and to make sure no one decided to go wildly off-script. This is also a good time to discuss your expectations with your MC and any stories that you prefer not to have mentioned on your big day (or those you would!)

  1. Send your event schedule to the vendors

This is a tip that is often overlooked, but is very important! Your vendors need to know the day-of timeline just as much as any member of the wedding party. Send a finalized day-of timeline to your photographer, hairdresser, venue, caterer and anyone else that could be affected a few months before the wedding so they have time to discuss any concerns with you.