Gift Ideas From The Universe: What To Buy For Every Star Sign


It may seem a little bit out of left field to consider someone’s star sign when it comes to buying them a gift – but let’s be realistic here.

How many of us buy gifts that we know, for a fact, the recipient wants? Excluding wish and birthday lists that is – buying off those is the one guarantee in this whole process. Without those lists, we spend most of the time taking a stab in the dark. We buy an item, cross our fingers it will be liked or that they don’t already have something similar. Giving a gift is as much about blind acts of faith and hope as it is anything more rational.

So, if it’s already a game of guesswork, why not star signs? It’s just another way to channel your thinking, plus it ties neatly if you are giving a birthday gift. If the intended recipient is not a believer, then that’s fine too – you don’t need to broadcast how you came to the gift idea to them!

If you find yourself in a situation of trying to figure out what to buy something for a loved one, then you could do worse than basing it on their star sign. Why not give it a try?


Contrary to popular belief, it’s Aries – not Aquarius – that is the first sign of the Zodiac. Aquarius tends to get a mention as it’s the first star sign of the calendar year, but for the zodiac itself, Aries is number one.

Aries personalities tend to be spontaneous and active, always seeking a new way to enjoy themselves.

Good Ideas: Experience days are the best bet, especially if you find something they have never tried before. Also consider gym memberships or anything with a sporty slant, such as hand weights or new shoes to aid their workouts.

Bad Ideas: Anything that requires too much patience.


As an Earth sign, Taurus has the unfortunate reality of being represented by a bull. It might not be the most wondrous, mystical of creatures, but the Taurus in your life will be one of the most reliable people you know.

Good Ideas: As a grounded sign, a Taurus will appreciate anything to do with their home. Photo frames, new cushions or cute slogan signs are a good way to go.

Bad Ideas: Anything new. One of the issues a Taurus can have is that they are stubborn and somewhat stuck in their ways, so don’t try to give a gift that introduces them to something. Stick with things they know and love.


Flighty and always thinking, a Gemini never knows what to focus on next. Fiercely intellectual but with a short attention span, your gift should play to these strengths.

Good Ideas: Go for a gift that will stimulate intellect; quiz and trivia books will be well-received, or books on a beloved subject.

Bad Ideas: Anything too personalized; a Gemini may be offended and worry they think you are self-involved.


One of the most caring signs of the zodiac, a Cancer is one of the few star signs that would appreciate a charitable donation in their name. Do consider this, even if you wish you could give them something to open – just make sure you pick a cause they are interested in.

Good Ideas: If you want something more tangible, then anything that can store memories is a good idea. Photo frames, scrapbooks – anything that allows their sensitive nature to reflect on past times that they have enjoyed. They are more likely to appreciate gifts with a personal slant, especially if they nod towards your shared history together.

Bad Ideas: Don’t just grab something off the shelf as it’s quick and easy. A Cancer will feel most hurt by this than any other sign. Gifts should be significant and meaningful, not just because you were in a rush and needed to buy something.


Ah, the lion – proud, brave and basically a representation of Gryffindor house in star sign form. Leo’s are most likely to want to go all-out for their birthday celebrations, so you need to keep up.

Good Ideas: Go for something personal but amusing; nothing too serious for the Leo character who spends their life seeking fun. Something like a Bobblehead from the likes of Likenessme or a T-shirt with an ironic saying on it will go down well.

Bad Ideas: Books. That’s not to say that Leos can’t and don’t read, but just that it is not something they are thrilled to be gifted. Their pleasure-seeking personality would always prefer something more exciting.


Sometimes a Virgo can be difficult to get along with – they have a reputation for being methodical and somewhat blind to differing points of view. But that’s all part of their charm; in a crisis, they’re the first you’d want to have on your side.

Good Ideas: A Virgo tends to be a practical person. They are good at DIY and problem solving and will appreciate a gift that fits with this pattern. Gift vouchers to popular stores you know they like will also be appreciated; they are practical enough to know it makes sense for them to pick something that they truly want.

Bad Ideas: If it’s cute or quirky, it’s probably not the best gift for a Virgo. Thinking “outside the box” is not what they’re after in terms of gifts, so don’t push too hard outside the standard ideas.


The symbol of Libra is the scales, signifying people born under it are balanced, equal and obsessive about preserving the two. On the surface, they seem difficult to buy for as they can be prone to being judgemental.

Good Ideas: A Libra will appreciate beauty, so artwork or home decor that you know is in their style is suitable.

Bad Ideas: Don’t go revolutionary or political. Keep it simple. Be wary of buying experiences or concert tickets – a Libra will have problems saying no to people, so don’t overload their diary.


Those born under Scorpio are most likely to be described as “firecrackers.” They are intense, individualistic people with passion running through everything they do. They can be hard to keep up with, but that’s part of their charm!

Good Ideas: Most Scorpios will have a deep passion or interest, be it for music, the arts or some bizarre hobby you don’t see the point in. Stick within this zone with gifts, and they will always go down well.

Bad Ideas: Jigsaw puzzles and anything requiring focus and attention. The Scorpio attention span is prone to wander unless they are stimulated by something they enjoy – hence why it’s safer to stick with tried and true passions of theirs.


Wanderlust is a condition many a Sagittarius has been known to suffer from. Even if they don’t travel far, they like to seek new places to explore and experience different surroundings. If they don’t do so, then stir craziness tends to only be a few hours away.

Good Ideas: Travel passes or passes for days out are well worth considering. Or if you need to spend less, anything that makes traveling easier – such as buckles, suitcase weighing devices or guide books – will also be welcomed.

Bad Ideas: Those born under Sagittarius are arguably the least “homely” of the signs – so stay away from ornaments or decor.


Aquarius is an Air Sign (which can be confusing given the presence of water in their name and symbol), and thus they thrive on imagination and creativity. The one downside is that this can make them somewhat unpredictable – what they love one year, they hate the next!

Good Ideas: Anything that is currently on-trend is a good bet, whether it’s pineapple ornaments or contouring kits. If it’s popular, it will have caught the Aquarian eye.

Bad Ideas: Repeating past glories. Don’t give the same gift two years in a row – your lack of imagination will be noticed.


Pisces is a sign that represents empathy, with emotionally aware people born under it. They are kind and caring souls and will, like Cancer, appreciate charitable contributions if you wish to explore this avenue. They are more likely to appreciate something for themselves too, however!

Good Ideas: Family gifts that everyone in their household can enjoy rather than something for them individually. They will also enjoy gadgets that allow them to communicate with far-flung family members, as Pisceans have a strong need for regular interaction with those they care about. If you are frequently busy and don’t have the chance to see them often, then consider gifting them your time – a gift voucher for a lunch out and bonding chat will go down just as well as an expensively-wrapped gift.

Bad Ideas: While they appreciate the communication side of tech, this is not the sign to buy gadgets for. They would prefer something that comes from the heart, even if it is handmade and not in the best of shape. The intention matters more than the price tag.