Invest Your Money In Time


With more and more families working full time it can seem like there is a constant flow of things we have to get done before hitting the pleasures we really enjoy.  So what can we do to reduce the demands on our time and increase those brilliant memories that come from spending time with the people we love?

At work, one of the most important challenges we face is when to work independently and when to delegate but this becomes even more obvious in our own homes. You probably have a fantastic team around you in your personal life so it’s time to tap into that!

Having children means added household chores, it doesn’t matter if you are blessed with tidy children or not, there will always be more washing, more dust, more cooking and it can seem never ending.  Keeping on top of it all during the week is vital for any social experiences on the weekend so, take a little pressure off yourself and tap into a resource such as Domestic One.  Getting some professional help to take the pressure off your household chores is an investment in your family and whilst some may argue it is a luxury expense, the truth is it doesn’t have to be.  You don’t need someone in everyday, just a boost after a heavy weekend of family fun or a regular midweek spring clean.  You will feel refreshed every time you come home to a sparking house you haven’t had to clean yourself!

Grandparents are a fantastic resource! Always there to babysit and offer help to their families.  Asking your extended family to help you out a couple of times in the week with your household chores will also mean regular contact with your children.  Experts say that increased contact with grandparents can have a very positive effect on your child.  Think about giving a key to your mum or dad and asking if they would do dinner one night a week at yours.  If that isn’t possible then scoop everyone up and head to theirs for an early evening dinner.  It will break your week up a little and when you get home there won’t be any dirty dishes to contend with. (Image from Tookapic)

If you are lucky enough to have a garden are you getting the best out of it?  Imagine having your own vegetable patch at home, producing fresh, healthy food all year round.  Investing in a gardener will give you more time to enjoy your outside space whilst increasing the health of your environment.  You can still get green fingered on the weekend but you will have more time to plant and watch things grow, knowing someone else has kept the weeds at bay.  (Image by Binyamin Mellish)

By investing a little bit of money and increasing your personal team of helpers, you can maximise the time you spend with the people you love, surely that is the investment of a lifetime?