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RearViz is all about the SAFETY of Cyclists!


I have a son-in-law that is an avid cyclist.  He often rides his bike long distances to work and he also rides for pleasure. I worry about his safety when he is on the road, so I was thrilled when I was contacted by RearViz, about receiving some of their products.

They kindly sent me a RearViz Slim Line SL-15, a cool branded Sports Cap and a Universal Armband, for him to try out. These are really neat products!


The SLIM LINE SL-15 from RearViz is an arm mounted, fully adjustable rear view bicycle mirror unit. It is designed for the everyday cyclist and athlete. With high quality, weather resistant materials, the SL-15 RearViz also comes with a one size fits all armband.

Besides black, the arm mounted rear view mirror also comes in 5 bright vibrant colors.  Blue, green, pink, red and yellow.

Rear Viz

Rear Viz

RearViz has two other models of the rear view mirror.

Rear Viz

The Classic comes in Black, Blue, Green Orange and Purple. The Sports ST-35 comes in Black, Blue, Green, Red, Pink and Yellow.

I tried on the mirror and it is very comfortable.  It stays put, which is a must…as does the angle of the mirror (at whichever angle it’s set). Being super lightweight is another great feature. SCORE – it even fits my fat chubby wrist.


The caps are 100% cotton so they are perfect for all weather situations. RearViz also sells Beanies in Black and White and a Cycling Jersey – in Small Medium and Large Sizes.

About RearViz

After nearly hitting a cyclist with his car four years ago, Australian business owner Raymond Crane came up with an idea. With a compact makeup mirror, ripped up wet suit material and a bunch of staples, the first ever RearViz mirror was created. From then, the idea quickly transitioned into a packaged product and onto the arms of cyclists around the world. The product is an arm-mounted rear vision mirror that allows cyclists to look forward and see behind their bike for oncoming traffic. Now often referred to as ‘the next best thing to a helmet’ the RearViz mirror is combating rider safety in a big way.

Another really cool product that RearViz carries is this awesome camera mount.  Bikers can wear it on their wrist, forearm, or above the elbow.  It can even be worn on one’s leg. This might just have to go on my Christmas shopping list since my cyclist son-in-law is also an avid snowboarder and surfer.  Of course, that also means that I’ll need to get him a sports camera too!


“The UT-35 Universal Camera Mount The Action Sports Camera Mount UT-35 is the deluxe version of the RearViz Camera Mount products. It is an arm mounted, fully rotatable, flexible mount for action sports cameras and other devices. You can attach it to anywhere on your arm, but not limited to that alone. Without any special tools required, it is designed for the everyday adventurer. With high quality, weather resistant materials, the UT-35 Universal Action Sports Camera Mount also comes with a one size fits all armband. Whether it’s mounted to your arm, leg, snowboard, skateboard, surfboard, jet ski or bike, how you use it is only limited by your imagination. Revolutionize your sports photography with the most versatile camera mount on the market!”


Other models available are the Slime Line Unimount and an Action Camera Mount.

If you have special cyclist, surfer, snowboarder, jet skier or all round athlete on your holiday shopping list – think RearViz this holiday season! RearViz …for safety and fun rolled into one!

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.