Supplements And You, What Do They Do?


Supplements are everywhere in our lives if we are involved in anything to do with fitness or weight loss, which most of us are! All natural supplements refers to anything that you can consume that will aid in you in your quest to lose weight, run better, or lift more! However it can be confusing to know what each one’s purpose is, so read on if you want to know!

Protein Powder

A common site in gyms by the weights, protein powder, or protein shakes as they are more commonly called are a staple of a bodybuilder’s diet. But what do they actually do? When are you supposed to have them? Well, protein shakes are often high calorie, high protein content drinks that are easily absorbed into your system buy being in a liquid form and by being in a small volume. Protein aids muscle repair and stimulates growth after repairs, and so it is vital for bodybuilders to use them. It gives you a boost of protein and calories which is needed if you’re doing any form of strength training. There are a lot of different forms of protein powders, some called casein and others that include creatine, so if you want to know a bit more about the specific types of protein powders, go to to learn about all of the different types!

Supplements And You, What Do They Do?

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Energy Gels

Not seen a lot in gyms, but a common one at races and long distance runs are energy gels. These are the new kid on the block and have taken the running world by storm, but it is not entirely apparent why to the untrained eye. Energy gels contain a very high amount of sugar, and therefore energy, for their size. By eating one of these gels quickly, your body gets a huge hit of sugar and can therefore fuel itself much better than it would if it didn’t have the gel. They come in small, disposable packs so they are perfect for runners, not only being easy to carry but giving them the extra energy they need to keep on running! Websites like sell a wide variety of these energy gels, just find a flavor that suits your taste!


The mystery supplement that people often talk of, but not know what they do. BCAAs, or branched chain amino acids, is a supplement that has a huge variety of effects that can greatly increase your performance regardless of your exercise. Amino acids are the monomer of proteins, they are the building blocks of them and so putting them in their purest form into your stomach has a lot of effects. The first and foremost of these is that it means that your body has a abundant supply of amino acids that can be chucked into your bloodstream straight away to either be used to aid your muscles in repair or to burn as energy! As a result it is suitable for cardio and strength training. You can buy them from websites like, they have a wide variety of flavours and types for you to chose from. Another odd effect of them is it’s relationship with a substance known as tryptophan. This chemical, when released in the brain, causes serotonin to be released, the “feel good” hormone. An abundance of amino acids increases the production of tryptophan, meaning that you feel better when you’re working out so it feels easier, so you can push yourself harder!

By reading this hopefully you will have unlocked the mysteries to some of the biggest and oddest supplements in the fitness industry. If you’re going to be using them, make sure that you pick the right one for you and your field of exercise! People often exercise to get rid of fat, but a lot of it is stubborn and refuses to go, if this sounds like you then read this!