Warnings Signs: How to Spot Home Maintenance Issues


There is nothing worse than when something breaks in your home, and you end up with an expensive unexpected repair bill on your hands. To avoid this scenario, you need to know the warning signs to look out for with regards to home maintenance issues. If you are aware of these signs, you can act on any issues promptly, which will save you a lot of money in the long run. So, what sort of things should you be looking out for?

  • Your gutters are not draining properly – The first home maintenance issue you need to be aware of is if your gutters are not draining properly. When it is raining, you will notice water spewing over the side of the gutters, rather than flowing through them like they usually do. If this is occurring, you need to clean your gutters. It may not seem like a big deal, but you can experience exterior damage to your home if you don’t act quickly.

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  • There are water stains on the walls or ceiling – If you notice water stains in your home, this is a bad sign, as it means that water is getting in. This could mean a number of different things, depending on where the water stain is located. It could mean that a door or window needs resealing, that a pipe is not properly sealed, or that you have a roof leak.
  • Gasping faucets, bubbling toilets, and gurgling drains – Your toilets, drains, and faucets may produce rattles, groans, and bubbles if air has become trapped in plumbing lines. This is nothing to worry about. However, these noises could also signal that something worse has happened; that fittings have become loose and are rattling in the walls. This is why you need to call in a plumber so you can identify the issue promptly and solve the problem. Are you having plumbing problems? Check out https://theplumbinginfo.com/ for more information. You will find details on other potential issues. Other warning signs of plumbing issues to look out for include mold growth on cabinets or inside walls, moisture or flooding in ground-floor rooms, frequent backed-up drains and toilet clogs, discoloured or rusty water, and finally, low water pressure.
  • You smell something musty – Another sign to be concerned about is if there is a noticeable musty smell inside of your home. In most cases, this means that you have a mold problem. Mould can spread rapidly, especially during the summer months. Mould can be exceptionally dangerous, and so this is something you need to deal with quickly. Calling in a professional comes highly recommended.
  • Your doors and windows are not secure – When was the last time you fixed your doors and windows? This is not something we tend to give a lot of consideration to, but it is so important to keep on top of this. Over time, the hinges can become inefficient and weaken. This can become a real security issue, which is why it is important to act quickly to rectify the problem.